First thoughts!

Am back again.. to write a blog! I start with my classic line, Words fail me!! they fail me all the time, I am and never was good at putting my thoughts into words. Not sure if the thoughts were limited or the words i know. But either ways, its the same result. I suck with words! But i have managed so far , so i will manage to write some blogs with my limited vocab.

Now… the actual blog. I always wanted to pen down my thoughts, now i can do that and guess what??? am not using any pen!! Ok, Jokes apart.. Lets do some reasoning, why a blog? I actually cant answer that specifically. But yesterday, I read a forward(yeah..yeah… i am a software engineer). The forward was kinda sweet ( As most are ) , I will not go into details, If you are too curious , let me know and i will forward you that instead of giving out a diluted version of a sweet story. A bi-product of the moral of the story was, how a blog reflects a persons personality! I found it true by reading some of my friends blogs(who btw are gifted with Word power). But as they say, Every opinion or belief or in my case moral of a story cant be a fact!  Anyway, that story kinda inspired me to write something(rather try to write something).

Now, here comes the hardest part, to actually write something. I really dont know how ppl write such beautiful things. Anwyay , I want to start something by writing about something i love , something that i am good at, something that i am passionate about. This made me think, that i was too early on deciding the hardest part, This is the hardest part.. I really dont know what i am good at.. 

hey!!! Wait… I know…..

Now, I stop here..

[ I am a Ekta kapoor fan, so the anwer to what i am good at… in next blog]

One Response to “First thoughts!”

  1. hehe 🙂 awesome start for a blog!! and very well written i must say!! 🙂 keep it going prajwal! 🙂

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