No Smoking – No kidding..

If you are trying to quit smoking, Pls DONT see ‘no smoking’ , It will inspire even the non-smokers to smoke. It was a pain veiwing this movie and hence i will not do any re-view! I was baffled to see the movie. Throughout the movie, I was hoping that it would have a good climax and it would all make sense. But the director had other ideas. I was hoping that he would tie all loose ends, but he took a huge electronic saw and cut everything that was tied till now!! After the movie, I was shocked on what the hell was the director trying to tell, I went on to some website and finally got hold of directors ‘justification’ of the movie. In one word, Its a ‘metaphor’. He is tellin a story where John is a soul, smoking signifies freedom and paresh is a opression from society( read censorship). The movie now made some sense to me but not enough for me to say its good.

In india , Movie is just entertainment and is not art. I do agree that there are many artists around but still in general , movies are made for audience and every director prays that ppl like it, Thus making it a business too. This isnt a bad thing. Now, Let me tell you why i told that movie isnt much of art, Let me get you an analogy of painting. ‘No smoking’ is a like a abstract mordern art and the conventional movies are the traditional painting having a theme , paints and more importantly making sense. As in any abstract mordern art. Its just painters expression, Its by him for him. People’s opinion doesnt matter to him. There are some genuine ppl and some pretentious ppl who admire this stuff. They try to understand and try to derive their own version of the painting( even if its hung upside down or for that matter an empty frame without any painting) I confess that i am not that kinda intellect who genuinely puts an effort to understand all this.In simpler words, I dont like it.

No smoking is a metaphor of directors struggle for freedom from censorship ( issues he had with other movies like black friday). Its how he tried to get freedom, How it was all around him, How other ppl give into the system and how in the end the soul is taken away. But honestly, it didnt make any sense, It was too much to think about and relate to. The director justifies that he wanted ppl to think, which i disagree with. I have seen many movies, which have made me think. I think with the movie and about the movie but the director shouldnt make us struggle thinking to understand the movie!

This is no review of any movie , just a general take on movies in general with ‘no smkoing’ as context. Also, I havent given out the plt/story or anything( Some may argue, they dont exist for this movie). But for an average movie goer, who likes to spend some time getting entertained, likes to spend sometime with his gal or with his friends, this isnt recommended.

As you can understand i was very jobless while writing all this stuff. And if you have nothing else to do and very desperate to see `ANY` movie, See something else , see some movie you liked once again or even a regional movie , the language of which you dont understand but , not this.

2 Responses to “No Smoking – No kidding..”

  1. hey!!! good re-view! 🙂 but i don’t know why you have mentioned that there is no review for any movie and that you will not judge anything; you have ripped this movie apart and some movies are meant to be ripped!!! 🙂 good job, keep it going!!! 🙂

  2. Paiya,

    as anu said u have ripped this movie apart. tell me one thing should i or not watch this movie???


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