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An old year Resolution

Posted in Blogroll on November 1, 2007 by prajwalpai

Wikipedia tells that ‘A New Year’s Resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous’. As many ppl would know its more of a joke than anything else. Its more than common that new year resolutions are made to be broken. Anyway, I got this topic as an intro to this blog, an old year resolution.

A New Year resolution starts on a new year and is forever!! A change forever isn’t an easy thing to do and that’s why it takes a little more than few minutes for ppl to break their resolutions. That’s why I came up with ‘Old Year Resolution’. This will just be a temporary change. It’s just a change for smaller period of time and then you can go back to your routine. But in that frame of time, you can make up your mind to have it forever!! It’s again an individual wish. Now, I have made an ‘old year resolution’ to quit movies for the rest of this year. Ppl who know me can stop laughing now. I am serious. As easy as it may sound to others, Ppl who know me will know that it’s next to impossible for me, the probability being same as me going to gym. Now, I know ppl who know me will be laughing even harder, but hey! I am serious.

The prime reason for my old year resolution is my previous blog ‘no smoking, no kidding’. I wrote it, fine. But when I read it, I was shocked to see my analysis on some crap( some may argue a masterpiece) movie! I couldn’t believe that not only I had wasted some 2 hours seeing that movie. I wasted half an hour more on writing some crap about it! Again, it’s not just one movie that changed me. I don’t like to give that movie any credit for my decision. I enjoy movies a lot more than many ppl. I get involved a lot into it. But, the main reason I see so many movies to keep my focus and to control my mind from wandering into negative/unhappy thoughts. After I came to London, This became my past time, I had too much time to kill and I did a “massacre”. My friends wouldn’t be surprised by the numbers I am about to tell. Believe it or not, I have seen some 117 movies in last 4 months, that’s an approximate figure. I forgot many of the crap movie names. Even I am amazed that so many movies exist.  I have wasted so much time doing this, That if I look back and see, I haven’t done anything productive outside office at all!.

  Also, I saw the movie ‘Before sunset’. In that movie, The actor tells that when he went to a new place, where he had no friends, no places to visit , no TV , no movies and no means to continue his habits. His mind opened up, it gave raise to thoughts, which he never imagined he could think of. This very thought very much fantasized me. I was all that but for movies. That’s the moment I thought I should give up movies and add to that a bizarre movie next day which put the final nail in the coffin.

That’s it! No more movies!!