Serendipity – Fortunate by accident

I was going back home! Little did i know that i would cherish this journey for rest of my life and would treasure each of these moments my entire life and beyond. I am sure that the first sentence is making you think that i am going back home after a really long time but i ain’t. But, Does it matter? The feeling of coming back to home is always the best! Doesn’t matter if that’s after few hours of shopping, a day’s hard work , a weeks vacation, a month’s tour or a year’s long stay.

Journey on train was my favourite. The length of my legs might be one of the reason but I loved the freedom we have in train mainly the sleeper coach. It was routine for me to book a lower window side seat , collect a bottle of juice and some chocolate at platform and enjoy them with the view and music! I simply loved it! The first part of my ritual during each journey was checking the listing on my compartment. I had a smile on my face when i saw female names close to my seat, The age of the girls made my smile broader, Little did i know that this very name would take over my life! This name would conquer my message inbox, my mail inbox, my computer, my mind, my heart and my life altogether..

I went on my seat and saw the girls! I saw one girl with HUGE pretty eyes and i couldn’t take off my eyes off her! I don’t think she noticed me and i got down from train to get my dose of juice. I came back and blew my air pillow and put on my ear phone and i heard the giggling of the girls but i didn’t catch their eye. Now..Here the stuff that inspired the title of this blog. Instead of putting my earphone jack onto the ear phone socket in my disc man( Mp3 players weren’t invented then), I accidentally put it onto some other socket and I was not able to hear anything! I thought my disc man was screwed!! Now..Now..I heard a loud giggle and The girls with pretty eyes looked at me. This was the first time our eyes met and a lightening struck my heart! We kept eye contact for few seconds. Contradictory to popular belief, Lightening does strike at same place more than once.. I somehow was too much immersed in her eyes but still managed to see that this girl had not just pretty eyes but very cute pretty face with lovely long hairs. It wasn’t Love at first sight but i definitely was uncontrollably attracted to these eyes. I was intrigued bout this girl. I wasn’t the type of guy who had guts to talk with some girl , that too a pretty girl and that too not alone and that too across compartment. That was a huge No NO..but.. I wanted to know more bout this girl. I was enjoying their talk, I couldn’t much make sense out of that as it wasn’t audible but I could make out that the other girl had a thick Brit accent. I assumed that these are a couple of girls in some Call centre working for a UK client. I noticed that the pretty eyed girl had no accent and in between the talks She exchanged eye contact with me. She was giving an interesting stare. I was not able to make out if that was some sort of invitation or if she was trying to say ‘Dude.. piss off’ and I wanted to know exactly that.With my CD player not working..I continued to stare at the pretty girl. She had a very naughty smile and their was something mischievous about it which I loved. In a span of some 10 mins, It wasn’t just the eyes I was attracted too but also the giggle. WE continued to stare for sometime and I finally decided that I should do something! I had no guts to talk to her but she was giving me some inviting looks or at least i assumed that but I felt some butterflies in my stomach.

I just couldn’t stop staring at her, but there is always an end to every beginning. The pretty girl went to her berth and out of my line of sight. She came closer to be in terms of distance but the visibility was zero..Well..almost zero. I was able to see her for for sometime but.. only for sometime. With her face in all my dreams, I dozed off.

You must be thinking this end the story..It sounds indeed but the story has just begun!! I woke up with a jerk, It was exactly 4.30 in the morning and I was still a sleepy head and it took me couple of mins to realise why I woke up.. Well it was DESTINY!! The reason was that the train had a tiny breakdown in Bhadravathi but the fact was that it was my destiny! This qualifies to be another serendipity, I was fortunate by accident again. I just was about to go back to sleep when it al unravelled, I re winded a few hours and I was as fresh as a morning dew.. I became concious of 2 pretty eyes looking at me.. I just saw that the berth next to her was empty! I was about to change history. NEVER in my life had I approached to talk to a girl, none of my classmates, none of my cousins. Female species was always was something of a mystery to me.. Well..untill now. As the pretty eyes were looking at me, I jumped across the berth to be seated next to her. The fact on what went in my mind to make me do this will be an eternal question. This was the first and last time in my life when I approached a complete stranger female species to strike a conversation,That too in total darkness and at 4.30 in the morning in a broke train. And in the back of my mind, this girl somehow wasnt a stranger to me. Like in movies,I wanted to tell ‘Hello Gorgeous, Has anybody told you that you have a huge pair of pretty eyes’ and all that came out of my mouth was ‘Hi’. Actually, Thats was I believe came off my mouth. I had seen and heard such cheesy lines in movies but believe me it isn’t as easy as it looks specially when you are doing that for the first time in your life. It turned out that a ‘hi’ was more than enough to change two lives. She replied to me..She replied with a ‘Hi’ and I actually went blank..I remember I blurted out something and she did move her lips.. I was totally immersed in her eyes and anything I talked was just a reflex. I have no clue on what happened next..We talked for sometime, She got down from train.

After a long time,may be after couple of years,  when we recalled this incident, She told me that I told her what I do for a living and asked her about her and most importantly I asked her contact id to be in touch. The other girl was indeed a girl born and brought up in the UK. If life was a fairy tale, My story would end here , cause we are happy now and I know it would last forever.

DISCLAIMER : This is a work of fiction. All characters involved are fictional. Any similarities to actual persons is also pure coincidence and a fortunate accident.

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  1. I like the disclaimer. 🙂

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