An Epitaph for my memories

I wish..

Sometimes.. I wish i was not so stupid to do such a mistake, I wish she was stupid enough to forgive me, I wish she was not so mature to analyse our relation , I wish i was not so immature to overanalyse our relation, I wish i had talked, I wish she had listened, I wish she didnt give up on me, I wish she could come back to me, I wish she wouldnt ignore me, I wish she had treated me with more care than treating me as one of her friend, I wish i didnt have to look for another person to get attention, I wish i hadnt compared myself with others, I wish she would have treated me in a way uncomparable to others, I wish i could expect something from her, I wish i hadnt told that i will not expect anything from her,I wish i had told this long back. I wish I had conviction to start all over again, I wish she had the strength to love me again. Well.. I had my chances to make my wish come true and I made my choices. I only wish now, I didnt cry myself to sleep.

May be…

May be nothing is forever. May be it was meant to be. May be it was our destiny to be apart. May be everything happens for a reason. May be everything happens for the better. May be have to let go.

I hope…

I hope i will be whole again someday!

2 Responses to “An Epitaph for my memories”

  1. Dude, “idhuvum kadandhu pogum” ..

  2. I hope you have found fulfillment and joy in other parts of your life. ….

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