Lost in Lost

My all time favorite show on the idiot box is Seinfeld and next comes very close to it f.r.i.e.n.d.s. There was actually nothing else which even came close to these two untill recently. One of my friends friend happened to have a couple of seasons of a TV series called ‘Lost’. I happened to have some 600GB free in my hard disk and so i told him ‘why not’. It was sitting quietly in my hard disk for some 2 months. Last week, I had nothing much to do and TV was as idiotic as ever, I found this ‘Lost’. I had heard of this a lot before but never had i seen any episode of this. I knew that it had won many awards and a lot of hype was created around this, sO i decided to give it a go.
I was totally Lost in Lost! I was soo much gripped into this lost that i couldnt get a grip of myself. It took me just a weekend to finish off the first season, having 24 episodes each of 1 hour length. I was not at home on Saturday , so you might realise the shocking fact that i finished it in just a day!!
The plot, the characters, the script , the thrill , the suspense, the intensity , the drama everything at its best!!! I actually cannot even give out the plot in brief, but i will try , A flight crashes onto an island and the passengers are stranded. Well…. They are LOST! The island, shown as some supernatural entity by itself is believed to have a civilisation of its own, termed as ‘others’ by the survivers. Throughout the series, We are shown of an insight into each of the characters life beyond the island. We realise that its a small world, I am sure that by the end of all the series , we will know each of the character is linked to each other in some mysterious way. It has the mystery element, the lost and found formula of old hindi movies , a dramatic ending for each episode like our own Ekta Kapoor soaps, a constant battle of Science and faith. It even has concepts of time travel , it has got it all!
I finished the second season today, It took me 3 sleepless nights to finish this 23 episode series, but worth every minute i spent. I have 2 more seasons in queue. The worst part is that the series finale is supposed to be in May 2010, Can you imagine? All the answers will be answered in a dramatic finale about 2 years from now. This tells me that a lot more plots are going to be introduced and lot more questions.
The suspense is the best part of the series. Its unpredictability is what stumped me. You can NEVER and i mean NEVER predict whats happening next minute. I have seen nothing soo unpredictable any time before and being so interresting at same time. The next part was the depth this series has, It actually teaches a lot of things in a subtle sub concious level. It teaches that sometimes you have to let go of peaple you love, It teaches that you shouldnt be too hard on yourself and have to move on from the mistakes. The main thing it teaches is ‘HOPE’ ,cause when you are LOST, all you have is hope.
It actually shows that each of the character have actually ‘found’ themselves by being ‘lost’ in the island.




5 Responses to “Lost in Lost”

  1. Well written 🙂 liked the last sentence.

  2. Good one dude ..

  3. Same old pai, no change at all. Get some sleep buddy 🙂

  4. reading your blog again was more relevant this time as i have started seeing this series … dude, this is really a good series especially when we are lost being at onsite 😉

    the best part in this series is it teaches something .. 1) if you think you can definitely come out of drugs 2) there’s a reason for every happening 3) keep cool even when you are LOST etc etc .. .

    i just loved this series to an extent that i started hating weekdays because i cannot see the complete series … have to go to office 😉 but, weekend is coming and i am getting ready to complete the series ….

  5. I dont know why the hell you thought that i wont like LOST.
    My god!!!! its amazing and each part is thrillling.Loved it and even i can feel the same since i just started watching it and i am loving it !!!!

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