A management Fiasco!!


I had most of my friends pleading me not to go with a package tour but i didnt heed their advice. I asked myself, ‘How bad can it be?’. Well, I got my answer and read on and you will know what i am talking bout.

I came across some package tour called ‘Source for needs’. The name didnt make sense but anyway I glanced through the itenary which impressed me.
• Keukenhof Garden (Tulip)   – Garden was closed as per our organiser which we came to know only next day
• Madurodam Model Village  – We managed to see this in an hour, the only productive thing we did on first day
• Vole dam fishing village  – Many were Vegetarians so we skipped fishing
• Amsterdam canal cruise – We had no time for this
• Zaanse Schans – We were too late for this

• City of Brussels – Well.. We did go to this city
• Manneken Pis Statue – We saw this kid too
• Atomium – This is too boring to spend time as per organiser and we had no time

• Disneyland  – This was was the best part of tour, Some people opted out frustrated by our organiser
• Night in Paris – I did manage a night out at paris, Let me not go into details
• Eiffel Tower & City tour of Paris – Does driving around qualify to be called a tour, you decide


I will not go into details on what all happend during the tour, but I will only tell you what not to expect from this tour. A detailed blog on most of the events can be found here.

1. The Bus was to start from Honslow at 09:00
– Dont expect it to start on time. It will only move by 11:30

2. You are located in East Ham, The bus will pickup some group members from East ham.
– Dont expect it to pick you up unless you pay then 15£ extra. You have to go to Honslow

3. The Itenary mentions of breakfast and dinner
– Dont expect anything good. you have to eat what they give you, even if that means a stale food packed from London on first day.

4. Driver needs 9 hour break at night
– This is fine, But dont expect the organiser to know about this. He will ask you to be ready and make you wait for an hour in bus waiting for driver. Its the same driver even in last trip but the organiser dont know bout this break stuff.

5. Make it to all places
– Dont expect organisers to know basic Maths. The accomodation is 2 hours away from amstredam and dont expect organiser to count this 4 hours up and down in any plan. To make up for this, skip all the places you were about to see. Its easiest way to make up for lost time, Aint it?

6. A day has only 24 hours in Europe
– Yeah.. Dont expect the organisers to know this. Even with all the delays and accomodation being 2 hours for the city, They will tell that it was the groups mistake that we were not able to cover the places. The one hour we delayed will cause exponential delay chain reaction.

7. A tourist spot is closed
– You didnt know that , how can you expect the organiser to knwo that? Is it his job to check before hand any info on all the spots we visit? Nope..

8. A visit is cancelled
– Dont expect organiser to inform you. You didnt see Tulip Garden? When you move on to next city, you already know this. Dont you? Do you expect Organiser to tell you everything? That’s not fair.

9. Itenary mentions of Atomium
– Well, We did see the gate of this place. The last batch who visited this told that it was boring so its no use seeing this. And if we see this, We willnot get food in Paris. Yeah.. If you have been to Atomium, The hotels of paris will not serve you any food.

10. A hotel with private facilities
– This is the best! The organiser went out of their way to make these facilities as private as possible. Each person, Even the married couple were given their own induvidual seperate private bed. What more do you expect? Yeah, the room didnt have a toilet but they were strategically located in a comman area. Only one person could enter the loo , Isnt that private enough?

11. You are on time and No assembly point is mentioned.
– You are expected to find your bus even if its located some 2 blocks across. Dont expect the organiser to inform on this. Yeah, There are 2 organisers, Dont expect one to stay back and wait for you. Agreed, they are organisers but even they have to enjoy their trip right? How can you expect them to be responsible?

12. They Spot atlast!
– You are lost from the group. you dont have your document, You dont have address of hotel, you dont know the language. After 3 hours of traumatic experiance, you manage to find the group. DOnt expect them to stop the bus for you!! How can they stop bus in middle of an empty road at 01:30 in the night? This is Paris! they cant do it. They cant take a turn and pull over at the parking space! This is paris, You will be penalised if you pull over for 10 secs.

13. Second time lucky
– You found them once, You should be able to find them again, even if that means 3-4 more hours.

14. They leave you behind!
– Dont expect an apology even if they strand you in a alien city. It wasnt their fault. The Driver spots us and it skips out of his mind to stop bus for the stranded passengers, Dont expect the Organiser to remind him.

15. Its not possible!
Dont expect everything the itenary says! The organiser will shout at you that its not possible for anyone on earth for any organiser to do everything mentioned in the itenary! Well, Define Itenary again for me please!


3 Responses to “A management Fiasco!!”

  1. Charles Says:

    Thanks to the fact that most people don’t want to ‘fight’ or learn from other peoples’ experiences, this company will live on. Every generation will discover the joys of hiring Source4needs from first-hand experience.

    Travel Tip: Anyone reading this blog and going to Europe with Source4Needs, please make sure you carry playing cards like we did (yup, I took the tour too) It helps when you’re in the bus for 80% of the time 😉


    (Quote: Europe is beautiful and cheap when all you do is drive past it)

  2. should be very useful when/if i travel to UK 🙂

  3. would make a best script a movie…..i’ll definitely remember this ven i got see Paris!!!

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