Long time no B

It’s been real long time since I did some Blogging. I had reached a stage when I used to have a entry ready for my next blog. What happened in between then and now is this BLOG.

 Archaeological findings:

 I have always had some person in my life who complemented my brain waves. A person with whom i shared my thoughts and my excitements. I was blessed to have many such ppl around me most of the time. I used to tell them everything from the most mundane thing that happened to me to some life changing events. Over time my circle narrowed from many such ppl to few such ppl. And from few ppl to a handful of ppl gradually. The turn of events lead to the circle becoming a fixed single point outside me. I used to share everything with this point. Then came a time when this point got erased from my life. I had lost the bond with my old buddies and with this point erased now, I was piling up my thoughts with nobody to talk to. It took time for me to move on in my life, to let go of that point and to gradually look for the old feeble point on the circumference of my circles.

 Some history lessons :

 This phase was when I stumbled into blogs. I was doing many things and I had nobody to tell my comments on them, nobody to tell how excited I was, and nobody to tell how sad I was or how happy I was at any time. Many thoughts had piled up in me and I was like a gossiping housewife with some red hot news but have lost her voice. I exploded with blogs. I wrote many private blogs which I didn’t publish and I think have deleted all of them too by now. I found some medium of expression; I found a duct to vent out my thoughts. My public blogs wouldn’t give a complete picture of what all I had to say but I found out that writing down your thoughts really does wonders to you. Our thoughts are very random and its very natural for the train of thoughts to get derailed or just abruptly change destination. With blogs we learn to canalize our thoughts and keep them continuous and more organised. Organised thinking makes you wonder why you didn’t think of this before!!

 Latest scientific discoveries:

 Latest news is I have found a better way to vent out my thoughts. I have redrawn my circle of friends and I talk to them more often. I have made some new friends who really care about me. Let me use the analogy I had seen in American pie, off course in a different context. Blog is like playing tennis with a wall alone, It might give you satisfaction of playing tennis but doesn’t give the joy of winning or losing or joy of playing or learning new and improving yourself. A two way talk with a person does wonders when you are having a quality talk with a person who understands you.

 God bless my friends. Amen

6 Responses to “Long time no B”

  1. For shear simplicity and sincerity of thoughts and action and of course super headings, i love it!!! 🙂 praj, its great!!!

  2. Hehe.. thats cool.. Let God bless U n all your friendz including me 😉

  3. Dude, I have been telling u from long back to join modeling or some other creative field….once again ur brain waves has put up a nice creative blog! 🙂

  4. nice pajju,so archaeological findings were accurate,history lessons were interesting,nd latest scientific discoveries r helping u,g8! hope u always remember d once point of ur life.

  5. Dude, I had a written a really long reply. Screw these systems which vapourised my thoughts in seconds. All I had to say is keep visiting more beautiful places and make newer friends. Keep sharing your thoughts and pictures and this forum will have many people with similar wavelengths joining in.

    Happy clickings:)

  6. Even though this page is written years ago, i really admire ur skills in putting this together…n as u said, continue to make newer freinds n u dont have to play tennis alone agin..

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