UnClogged Blog

Can’t believe my last blog dates back to last year. Here I am already in the second half of 2009 and only now am I making some time to write my first blog of the year. Honestly, I can’t complain about not having time rather I can say that I had a problem of plenty which encouraged me to procrastinate a lot. I always believe that we can’t find time but we have to make time.

My return to India is the reason for the clogging of flow of blogs. I used to think of writing a blog for any smallest unusual thing that happened to me while I was in London. Coming back to India, I repeat my stories to so many ppl that the drive to write the blog is kinda drained. I was reading my old blogs recently and I loved that rekindling of all the old events. It was a wonderful feeling to relive those moments. It like finding a very very old belonging of yours after many years.So.. I decided to keep the flow. Anyhoo.. To say that in last few months, Life has given me ample of blog-worthy events would be a massive understatement. I wanted to write a huge blog on how shit-scary bungee jumping was. I wanted to capture my experience of spending an entire night in police station when our car got bumped at top speed. I still want to keep a record of how my bike survived without a single scratch from an accident.

So.. Watch this space…3 more blogs coming up soon.

One Response to “UnClogged Blog”

  1. Vinisha Says:

    you put ur thoughts into words in a very nice way… 🙂 i’ve heard the stories, but i’ll be watching this space… 🙂

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