Hanging by a rope

I was seeing the movie ‘Dasvidaniya’ and it got me thinking on what could top my ‘bucket list’. All I could think of for the top slot was bungee jumping. I was just talking to my friend about my wish list and Bam!! I see a mail from Pravin that a Bungee jump event is happening in Bangalore on 10th April! I freaked out but I really wanted to do this more than ever.


Me, Pravin and Jimis went to that ‘paint ball arena’ where this thing was going on. It was scheduled  over a long weekend.We went on the first day as we expected less crowd on Friday. I was very disappointed to see the infrastructure. People were being carried in a small makeshift elevator hung on a crane, to a meagre height of some 150 feet (which didn’t look scary at all). We noticed that the only safety device was a small patch of net which wasn’t a very comforting sight, to add to all this was the absence of an ambulance. We were discussing on how Wockhardt was the closest hospital and what all could happen in those few crucial minutes. Initially it was a very boring time as we had to wait till 5 in the evening before our names were called up. Each person was taking a lot of time to take the plunge whereas the jump lasted just a few seconds. Few people gave up and that’s when our heartbeats got faster. Occasionally few people were screaming their guts out.

Jimis went first, and then it was Pravin and me after couple of gals in between US. When we asked Jimis how it felt, he didn’t comment anything. He said that if he really explains his experience, then we won’t think of going up the crane. Pravin too jumped off and I was waiting for my turn. While I got all tied up, I heard Pravin’s scream and I did miss a heartbeat. While I was ascending the crane, I still couldn’t feel the adreline rush. Then the crane stopped and that was the moment of truth. I took a deep breath, the bungee master (apparently that’s how ppl addressed him) was giving me instructions and I could feel my heartbeat accelerating. As instructed, I took a deep breath and gazed down! This was arguably the scariest moment in my life. I am not afraid of heights but to free fall from any height needs some real courage. You might argue we have the bungee cord tied around but that comes into picture only after the free fall and it stops you from hitting the ground and hangs you. So, when you take the plunge its exactly like a free fall. Moreover, the body completely freezes; I was almost not able to feel my body so forget taking comfort in the bungee cord. It is a natural body defence mechanism for survival. Even when it gets the signal from the brain to jump, the body is too shit scared to actually take the plunge. Your legs won’t move and you can actually feel the conflict between your body and your brain which is made more interesting by the EVER increasing heart beat. The trick here is to jump as quickly as possible and to overcome this conflict. Eventually the body wins the conflict if it has too much time to argue. I saw many ppl who stood there for more than couple of mins and came down without jumping. The less time you spend on the edge the better. I took the plunge and it was A once in a life time experience.


I somehow remained calm, maybe my brain had some circuits already blown out and didn’t recognise fear. I wasn’t scared anymore and I didn’t scream at all. The free fall was for hardly 5 or 6 seconds and then you are pulled and thrown back in the air by that elastic bungee cord which also is as dreadful as the freefall or may be more. This was actually the part that I was scared off , Imagine you free falling and the chord will not decelerate you but stop you altogether in hardly a couple of seconds. I was scared of snapping of the OF MY neck as we don’t have any safety for the neck. The last and concluding part was me being lowered by crane and getting me back to planet earth. My face turned red in the few seconds that I was hanging upside down. I could feel a little dizziness in my brain. I was able to walk around in few seconds and soon we were heading back home.

So, that’s it!! I had ticked off the first line in my bucket list. I still think I would love to do it again someday. It wasn’t as scary as I had imagined it to be until I read the newspaper the next day. Somebody died at the same spot doing the same thing at the same time after 24hours of our experience. Apparently some hook snapped and a 25 year old engineer plunged into death. Its scary sometimes when we see what could go wrong, but that’s life I guess. All that matters is that nothing went wrong with us and we had a experience of a life time.

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4 Responses to “Hanging by a rope”

  1. Your post script scared me most than reading your own experience 🙂
    Anyways, nicely explained. I need to try it out sometime.

  2. nice post…..liked the way u transformed the thought/feelings u went thru into the words, but it would have been better if you could have split into more paragraphs…i lost track couple of times.

    BTW its on bucket list also, hope i will strike it out soon!!!

  3. dude, i am not sure why you were scared to attempt a bungee jumping. afterall, its nothing except for a jump. that too a mere 150 metre height.
    u either act this way or try my way. Never, Ever think of attempting this 🙂

    The one fear i can never overcome in my life is ‘heights’. when i read ur blog i remembered the BIG ONE ride in Blackpool. It took me to about 200 mts and dropped down. I did;nt think it was scary but my friends told that i did not speak for the next 30 mins and was only thinking how i survived it 🙂

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