Flash back 2004! It was a Friday and my first day in Wipro. The date was May 14th 2004. I was in total awe with the corporate office of Wipro which had greenery everywhere. The day was just to complete the joining formalities, fill form to create a bank account. I was waiting for the most exciting part of the day, the part where they issue the Wipro ID tag. People who know me know might not believe but I was really looking forward with a childlike eagerness get my id card.

There was a huge batch of people joining on that  same day. Our official date of joining would be May 17th 2004. A huge classroom kind of thing was filled with new recruits and giving me a feeling of landing back in college. As usual, I was sitting in the last bench and there came a guy and sat next to me. He was sweating a lot and we got acquainted. The dude from Delhi (Gwalior to be exact) had just flown from Delhi and came directly to office from airport. He introduced himself as ‘Vishal Yaadav’ and he was my ‘first friend’ in Wipro.  He had arrived late and had a bit of catching up to do with the things that happened till then, I helped him with that.  The other guy sitting in last bench was VenuGopal Jakkina who was my second friend in Wipro. I think we had lunch together and were together for most of the day.

The huge batch of recruits was segregated into many groups. A batch of some 22 people was branded as ClearCase guys, the other groups that were with us was the ‘Windows NT’ group and ‘DBA’ group. We 3 groups had our induction together and got to know each other well in an hR induction called ‘The Impact’. Vishal, Venu and I were deeper friends now. After this was the actual tech training at Wipro which was supposed to last for 18 days.  All 3 groups of people were being trained in same building of ‘Micro Academy’ on outer ring road. Even if Vishal was in NT group, we still were good friends.  Since he used to stay in Koramangala, I used to pick him up every morning and drop him every evening.  Some people in the batch even had thought that we were brothers (I don’t know why). After the training, The 3 groups went different ways and after few more days even my friends from CC groups parted into different paths. It hardly took few months for the mail exchanges to end and I almost had no contact with Vishal.

Fast forward to year 2008! I was in London and I saw a mail from a guy called ‘Vishal Yadav’ about some accommodation Ad to the mailing list. I immediately pinged him and Voila!! It was my old friend. To my surprise, He was working in a different building.  WE did a bit of catching up but didn’t meet up and all.

Hardly after a couple of weeks, I saw a stranger with a familiar face. With a couple of seconds delay, I was able to make out that it was Vishal with a londonised Hairdo (short and spiky). I learnt that he was working as a Business Analyst at Swiss Bank. We happened to stumble into each other at Liverpool Street few times and had few small talks. That was it!

Fast forward to year 2009, Aug. I heard a guy had committed suicide in Wipro building buy taking a plunge from 12th floor. The weird thing about the suicide was that he was wearing an iPod and listening to music while taking the plunge. Nobody had any details at all and only weird rumours were floating around. Just after a week, I stumbled on an article about the suicide. I was surprised to see that the employee’s name was Vishal Yadaav. It didn’t even occur to me that it could be the Vishal I know. I got a bit intrigued when I read that he was a business analyst and it completely blew me off when I read that he was working for Wipro since May17th 2004.  My friend is NO MORE!! I didn’t know how to react to this at all, Some part of me still didn’t want to believe this was happening.  I got to know from some common friends that it indeed was a demise of my once close friend and it shattered me.

We might not be close anymore or not even in touch anymore but it still hurts to know that a an old friend of yours doesnt exist anymore in this world.  May god bless his family and his soul Rest In Peace.



7 Responses to “R.I.P”

  1. vinishahalli Says:

    Thats a scary thing…to know someone doesnt exist anymore.
    Reminds us that we take far too many things for granted.
    The loss of a friend to death…an inexplicable loss.
    Hope all those near to him find their solace.

  2. Oh! sad to know…
    I heard this incident , but didn’t know he was your friend.
    May god bless his soul Rest in Peace.

  3. Bhanu Chennamaneni Says:

    Good God, this is bad news. I haven’t met him after our training in Micro Academy but I remember him as a happy guy.

  4. my goodness .. dude, u are becoming a good blog writer. u started it well but like many films the end of the blog was very depressing. i am sorry for your loss maga.

  5. Strangely, Venugopal Jakkina, MY DEAREST FRIEND, is also no more!

    • Hey Kareem, What happend to Venu.. We are in same project in Wipro wokring for Ericsson. Few months back when I was in London, we thought to meet, but could not make.
      And today I was looking at his FB messages and shocked. Pls do reply.

  6. Vishal was a divine Soul !

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