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Revolutions around the Sun

Posted in Blogroll on November 4, 2009 by prajwalpai

“Birthday! What is the big deal? How many times do we have to celebrate that someone was born? Every year, over and over… All you did was not die for twelve months. That’s all you’ve done, as far as I can tell.” – Jerry Seinfeld

Whats the big deal! Being an ardent fan of Seinfeld, this was my idea of Birthdays… was… that ‘was’ my idea until I met people from the planet Venus. It was not like I had an epiphany nor did I start believing that we celebrate life on our birthdays. Its as simple as doing something special on that day of the year and enjoying the special attention. Just making the birthday more ‘Happy’.

Birthdays hav’nt been a big deal from my childhood, and they were just limited to having a feast with a delicacy of my choice and a visit to the temple. Last few years, things have been different. I have been having memorable B’days. There has been some person in my life who would make it memorable for me. Vinisha has been that person from last 2 years . I have got the best birthday gifts of my life. I use the word ‘best’ here to emphasize on the effort and thoughts that went in to making of the gifts ‘by hand’ from scratch and the effect it had on me in feeling ‘special’ on that day.

Aug ’08 – Pappu cant Dance card –See pictures

I have no clue how ( and mainly.. why) she came up with this idea. She says that it was a ‘Eureka moment’. We were close chat buddies and literally miles apart. We had not yet met each other even once and yet she came up with this hand made greeting card(more of a booklet). She wrote each line of the song on each page accompanied by a relevant snap of mine, packed parcelled and delivered to me across the many miles. I was so thrilled to see this and I couldn’t lose that grin on my face the entire day. I opened this and saw this again and again some 5-6 times in just an hour. I was flying to Swiss the next day and was very happy to receive it on time.

Aug’09 – Calvin and Hobbes Collection – See pictures

I just love Calvin and hobbes. My gift, this year came in a hand made gift box. I was overwhelmed to see what was inside! I got Calvin strips! Two years of the calvin series, the very first and last, each and every strip in those years bound in a strip booklet – one for every month and chronologically arranged inside one box for one year.

I met a few ppl on my birthday too this year( including my Bro) after a very long gap and it is a nice thing to remember this birthday by. My perception of Birthdays has changed now and I value the day a lot. As a starter, I have started wishing other ppl on their birthday 🙂 From here on, I wanna make a conscious effort to make it memorable for the ppl close to me as well.

I started revolving around the Sun on the day I was born and completion of a revolution around the Sun is indeed an important milestone so isnt that a big deal? 🙂