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Suicide attempt again!

Posted in Blogroll on December 17, 2009 by prajwalpai

     It been long time since I own this Nokia 5310 mobile. Lately I made up my mind to give this up and I was on the verge of buying a SE Satio and I always have thoughts of buying iPhone sometime soon. My Nokia has gone into depression from then on. It slipping off my hands very regularly trying to literally break down. It thinks that something going wrong with this phone is the only reason which would push me to buy a new phone. It tried really hard and slipped many time from my hands making a fall from 4-5 feet and still survived the impact. I love the way it looks and so It has lost few buttons now around the display but still I can’t hate this mobile.

Today.. which I was on my way to collect my bike from Service, I was sitting on Subbu’s bike on the pillion seat. I got a call and I was trying to get it out of my pocket. My mobile made a desperate attempt for suicide. While we were going easily at 30-50km/hr , It jumped off from my hands on to the hard road! It was a very tough fall and the battery flap and the phone came apart. I noticed this and asked Subbu to stop his bike and I got down to spot my mobile reeling on that road breathing its last breath. While I just fixed my eyes on that, A bike ran over it! While I had to take few steps to collect it, One more bike from other side ran over the mobile. I could feel its soul departing from that device lying on the road. I could feel that it was happy for me as I would finally be forced to buy a new mobile.It would rest in peace. I collected all the 3 parts lying on the road and assembled the main device with the battery and covered the flap. I was shocked to see 2 hands appearing on the screen and holding each other(it’s a Nokia). This was not the end, It still was breathing. I examined it closely and saw only small nudge on one of the edges. It had survived this brutal fall literally without a scratch.

Even with couple of bikes running over this thing, The screen didn’t have a single scratch! Now.. thats a survivor.