End to Applying Thoughts

After counting 60 days of my notice period and staying further for 2 extra days, My Last day at Wipro had finally arrived. Subbu had organised a small farewell for Me and Satish at 15.30 and my exit Interview with HR was scheduled at 15:00. I knew it will just be a formality of few mins. The HR person asked me what was the best thing I liked about Wipro,What I think as the ‘one thing’ about wipro which sets it apart from rest of the companies. I went blank for a couple of seconds as I really didn’t have any answer for that. The HR smiled and asked me if given a oppurtunity in future, would I be willing to work for Wipro again. I couldn’t go blank again but I actually had an answer this time. I told I couldn’t generalise wipro as single entity. Wipro for me is the people I have worked with so far and the work that I have been doing here. Wipro as a ornanisation doesn’t offer anything unique which other companies don’t. The thing I liked about Wipro and the thing that made me stay in wipro for close to 6 years are the people I worked with in wipro and the friends I have made here. I told her that my friends in wipro were one of the reason for my long stint at wipro.

I had never imagined how my Last day at wipro would be, I had seen many people getting very emotional on their last days. I never in my wildest imagination visualised myself getting any bit emotional. The farewell was a small affair and the attendees count had decreased by each event. This crowd was as small as it could get i believe. I was very content by the crowd cause Kumar and Satish could make it and I shared my strongest bond with these two people. I did miss few of my close people but I was too happy and almost nothing could upset me that day. It went all nostalgic with everybody talking about me and Satish and naturally they only had good things to say. It was no surprise that the farewell lasted for more than 2 hours and everybody had a smile at the end.

It was a mixed feeling of letting go of something that I had held for more than 5 years. To be honest I was not sad at all for leaving Wipro, On the contrary I was happy to be out of Wipro. The only reason which could make me upset was about leaving my friends but I knew that our friendship was beyond the project or company and so I had no reason to be sad. It my defence mechanism I think, i can ‘imagine’ a faint silver lining most of the times in all dark clouds.

I had seen most people getting emotional when the stories are recounted but I had a grin on my face the entire day. I couldn’t help but smile that I had enough of ‘Applying Thoughts’ and somebody was waiting to tel me, “Welcome to the Human Network” 🙂

2 Responses to “End to Applying Thoughts”

  1. Well i dont have any idea how to pen down this but I am reallly die hard aficiandado of you ……..I miss the time we shared in wipro everything about it

  2. Bhanu Chennamaneni Says:

    That’s so true, Wipro as a company isn’t anything special, it’s just the people we work with. I went blank too when I was asked the same question 🙂

    How is it in Cisco??

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