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Journey to the southern tip of India

Posted in My-Travel on March 26, 2010 by prajwalpai
Dates : Feb26 to Feb28 ‘ 2010
Group : Prajwal,Anoop,Sushruth,Sunil,Mahesh(aka Muggi),Sanjeev, Kushal,Venu(Chaari) and Nithin
This trip had been in pipeline from long time but everything fell into only place this time. Few ppl dropped out in the last week as the date of departure came close but a final 9 was assembled. Sush and Sanjeev got their car and we set out on a journey to the sourthern tip of India.
The agreed time was 19:00 on Thursday on 25th Feb but due to many unavoidable turn of events , we could only leave bangalore by 01:00 on 26th Feb.
Day – 1 ( Fri) – (Bangalore -> Madurai ->KanyaKumari)
After several pit stops for tea and other things, We reached Madhurai by 7.30 in the morning. The best thing about the Tamil Nadu trips that I have been to is the ‘tengai chutney’ for me. I relished the first breakfast of the trip and continued to our first destination KanyaKumari.



The National Highway-7 is one of the best roads to drive I guess, Its just too easy to maintain a speed of more than 100km/hour. It was around 12ish by the time we reached KanyaKumari and it took us more than an hour to finalise on which hotel to stay. The view from our Hotel was the biggest reason for us to decide on that hotel I think. Once all set , We had lunch at a fake saravana Bhavan. We had plans to catch a boat to Vivekananda point. The closing hours was approaching and we knew it would be a futile effort to burn in that queue. So, It was decided to visit Vivekananda rock the next morning. We just had time to wet our feet in Indian ocean and literally run to watch the famous sunset at KanyaKumari.

SunSet at Rameshwaram

SunSet at Kanyakumari

The sunset was followed by a visit to the temple and dinner and then a wonderfull sleep.

Day – 2 ( Sat) ( Kanyakumari -> Toothukodi ->Rameshwaram)

The next morning I woke up 6 to catch the sunrise at Kanyakumari. This place being the tip of India might be the only place in India from where both “BEST” Sunrise and “BEST” sunset  can be experienced. We had plans to see sunrise from our terrace but by the time me and Sunil went to terrace the rest of the group was at the view point. I had just the time for a quick coffee on the terrace waiting for the sunset. We then decided to join rest of the group. Me and Sunil had a long jog to the view point and watched the amazing sunrise. More than the actual sunrise, the morning soothing sky and the morning colors were appearing like a painting.

Sun rising at Rameshwaram

Sun rising at Kanyakumari

Thiruvalluvar and Vek point

After sunrise, we had plans to sail to Vivekananda rock. We were there by 6.30ish and the shocking queue made us drop the plan. We clicked some pics and honestly nobody had any interest to see the vivekananda point. We had high expectations of that place and somehow didnt impress us. We drove on the southernmost road of India which is literally the tip of india. We went to a nice beach and experienced the ocean and left towards Rameshwaram.

Our next stop was Thiruchendur Murugan temple by noon. We went on a special darshan and all were kinda appalled  by the level of commercialization. Skipping lunch, we stopped at a bakery and went on a binge. The next destination was Tuticorin beach. WE all wanted a splash in beach and had no idea where. We just asked around and arrived at tuticorin beach which was 8km before the actual town, So with a bit of doubt in our mind and after a nice drive around the Tuticorin port we came to the beach. Sush got into conversation with some ppl playing cricket and an instant match was fixed. The game of beach cricket was wonderfull but the results were equally disastrous.

Post Match snap

Post Match snap

Nevertheless , The game made our day and one of the best thing to remember of this trip. While we set off on our journey towards Rameshwaram, we were warned about the route we were set on. We had planned to take the ECR road and the local boys told us to be extra carefull of the dangerous curves on this road and the pitch darkness. The road indeed was dark and very curvy but not upto our expectations. The strangest experience we had on this road was our encounter with a filmy evil old lady. It was almost pitch dark and we were in the middle of nowhere with no houses for a long distance and out of the black came a old lady shouting at our car with her hands raised. The group in the car ahead hardly noticed we thought but the guys in our car were very confused with the incident. We didnt even think of going back and seeing what was that lady doing there, but we thought of spicing up the story and told the guys in the other car that the old lady vanished when we saw her in the rear mirror.

Day – 3 ( Sun) – Dhanushkodi -> Rameshwaram Temple

It was 1 in the morning when we reached Rameshwaram. We decided to get some sleep and skip the 3am spatika lingam darshana. Our hunt for a hotel lasted for close to one and half hours and almost gave up. There was  a shooting going on for a Vijay movie and the crew had occupied almost all the hotels making it almost impossible to get a stay. Sush got into talking with a security guard and with his help we landed at Rameshwaram guest house. Within minutes of check-in everybody crashed.

It was a late morning. I went along with Sunil to the beach in front of out guest house. The water was kinda still and crystal clear and was a nice experiance. Then we went on  a guide hunt near the temple and found one kannada speaking specimen. As per guide’s guidence we set to Dhanushkodi. On our way we covered Ramar paada and Vibhishan’s temple. Dhanushkodi is the thin line that you see between india and Sri Lanka on the map.

Our Ride - Mean Machine

Our Ride - Mean Machine

Their isnt any solid road connecting Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi  and so our car isnt competant enough for this ride. We hired a antique 4X4 vehicle as our escort. This ride was a ride to remember, The 8KM ride on the sand was more tipsy turvy than a roller coaster and we sitting on the roof of the vehicle enjoyed this to the core. Dhanushkodi was a prosperous city as recently as 1964 but a cyclone wiped off this city from the map and all we can see is the ruins now. The beach at dhanushkodi as as spectacular as it can get. This is the point where the bay of bengal meets the indian ocean and one can see that every evidently. We can see waves meeting perpedicularly and splashing at each other. It a thing you need to see to believe. We had a blast at the beach, Played for more than an hour and I almost learnt swimming here which I will never forget. We came back to where we had parked our car and went on a binge when we spotted ice cream.

On our way back to guest house, we went to Panchmukhi Anjaneya temple. Here we can see the floating rocks. Its claimed that using such rocks the ramarsethu was built by the vaanar sena. You have to again see this to believe this.

Floating Rock

Floating Rock

We headed back to the city and went directly to Rameshwaram main temple. It a ritual that we need to take a dip in the beach next to temple and only then enter the temple. We then went ahead to decided to take the bath in the 22 holy theerthams. I think its a must thing in ones lifetime to do this. I honestly dont know the significance of the 22 wells but the experiance was wonderful. We came back to guest house and freshened up. We went to a souveneir shop and got many goodies and checked out of the guest house.


We started at aound 9 in the night and it was not what we had planned at all.  We were all tired by the end of this day and all I remember is stopping at couple of places for tea. The next thing i saw was Electronic city fly over at 8 in the morning. The NH-7 being super smooth, Sush drove real good. We went a bit off track around Madurai but covered a good amont of distance after that with average speed clocking easily more than hundred. With too many things done and covering a distance of 2000 in 3 days resulted in a pain in every bone and every joint. I was lucky enough to have an off that monday due to Holi festival. One of my most memorable trip came to an end with the best way possible, Complete rest.