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Off Season

Posted in My-Travel on November 24, 2010 by prajwalpai

No two words could better sum up my laziest trip of 5 days in Goa. We did enjoy every bit of it but still somehow feels unfruitful. Sush has decided to write a blog on what NOT to do in Goa. We had so many plans before we started our journey. The trip was planned in Jan, Mahesh aka Maggi does have a resolution to be in Goa during his Birthday every year. His birthday falls on June 6. We did go to Goa in June a few years back and is part of my fond memories. We hoped to better it this time. As with every trip of mine, It was initially a big group of 8-9 ppl and narrowed down to 5 ppl. We decided to go in Sush’s car.

The Actual Plans:

We had so many things lined up and planned that we were concerned if 5 days would be enough time. Main attraction of our plan was Scuba diving which would take almost one day,Then there anyway was the exotic water sports covering Para-sailing,Water Bike and the never tried before Banana boat. Then there was the Dolphin ride which we had been on few years back. Playing at beach was a given and finally to visit Basilica of Bom Jesus where the dead body of St. Francis Xavier is on display. Rahul claimed that the dead body’s fingernails are still growing and we did carry a nail cutter all the way from Bangalore.

The Hotel!

The Alu da paratha

The Alu da paratha

Sarita’s was the hotel we stayed in. We had high expectations with this place as we have been hearing of the melting Alu Paratha at this place for 2 months from Maggi. Darshan too had hyped up the place and he too did a special mention of the melting Alu Paratha.  Staying at place was an enjoyable experience but somehow in the back of mind this was a huge strategic mistake. This place was in south goa and it very far from the places of our interest. We lost an hour everyday to go to any place and again close to an hour to come back to our hotel. The food tasted good on first day, The Alu Paratha was indeed good but not really worth the hype i think.The eating place was literally on the beach and was very serene as the Bogmolo beach was totally deserted with high tides.

Road to Goa:

The departure schedule was 21:30 but we counted on Maggi to be on time at 01:30. Me and Rahul slept off after packing rather than waiting. 02:00 has been our standard departure time lately and this time it was no better. Our first stop was Davanagere to have Davanagere Benne dosa for breakfast. This really set the tone of our journey ahead. What was to follow was peda from Dharwad and Kunda from Belgaum and lots of Fish in Goa. As usual we started at some 2 in the night. We didnt mind a late start as we had 5 whole days in Goa and nothing was planned. First stop was for Davanagere Benne Dosa for Breakfast and what better place to have that than at Davanagere itself.

Day 1:

After leaving Davanagere, Goa was our next stop. We reached Goa at 14:00. We went to some beach on our way, I think it was Benaulim beach, not sure if my memory is serving me right. It was a very isolated and rather non-commercial beach and there were hardly any people on this beach. We noticed many small snake-like creatures on this beach and many crabs and stuff. It was fun to walk on this beach but we were hungry too. We went to a hotel on this beach and had our first sizzler here. It was almost sunset time when we reached Colva. We had stayed in Colva in a cottage kinda thing on our previous Goa trip. Sush and Rahul couldn’t resist a dip in the beach. After some shopping, We set to the much hyped ‘Saritas’. That night we had yummy food at the next door hotel called ‘John SeaGull’s.

Day 2:

The second day started with a delicious Honey Pan cake.

Honey Pan cake

We set out the day with lot of plans. We had now enquired that Scuba Diving wasnt an option anymore cause it was still ‘OFF-Season’. Our first stop was a fish market which Maggi wanted to see badly. He is a pure vegetarian but has a fetish for fishing and seeing/touching fish,surprises me to the core. We then went to a dead port where we hardly saw anything before heading towards Fort Aguada. We stopped for a Dolphin ride only to realise that it was closed as it was ‘OFF-SEASON’. This was the first of a series of ‘off-season’ things to happen. We went to fort Aguada. I love this place for the serenity this has and more than the fort there was a place around the fort. A place where I think guards used to be there. A walk down here was wonderful, It was a bit of drizzle but the visit to this place was worth it. It was sunset time and we headed towards Calangute, We spent a bit of time on the beach before going to Sauza Lobo. We had great food last time at Sauza Lobo, this is a
78 old  restaurant. Sush was getting restless to dance but none of us joined. Finally some good person in the next table couldn’t see his plight anymore and took him to the dance floor.We then went to ‘Electric Cats’ restaurant and had sizzler’s.  The electric Cats restaurant was a recommended hotel by Lonely Planet travel guide and the food here tasted the best in Goa. The mocktail we had here were out of the world.

Day 3:

First stop on day 4 was Baaga Beach. We were sad that there were no water sports at Calangute beach cause it was ‘OFF SEASON’. Then we headed to the Wegetor fort or the DCH fort. After clicking the routine pics at the DCH spot, We walked to the most desolated spot in the fort. This place was magical . We were here till almost 8 in the night. We have had so much of delicious food in GOa till this time that we decided to have a plain veg meal at plantain leaf. Since Rahul with his upset tummy was in so much need of a loo, we stopped at a restaurant called ‘Bamboo Palace’, We decided that we will just eat some starter here and then have dinner at plantian leaf. One thing lead to another and we spent couple of hours in the place trying everything in the menu. The Grilled Veggies here was the best . I think we had Pizza too here and also the yummy fish fry. That night we drove around the Tito’s road that night, Had amazing Custard Apple ice cream at Calangute beach at close to mid-night. We then went to a place where Maggi wanted to go and called it a night.

Day 4:

This was last day in Goa and we had got lethargic. With all the OFF-Season nonsense going on, we were just having nice food with almost no other activity worth mentioning. We had been seeing the Naval aviation Museum close to Sarita’s everyday while we were going in and out of hotel. This final day we decided to check out this place. There wasn’t anything great in here but it wasnt bad either. It was a museum and so we felt like clicking a pic of everything we saw and after some 130 pics, I was bored with this place. We had plans to go on the famous Cruise Ride of Goa, This was one of the item in our checklist. We got the tickets at 5 in the evening but the Cruise was at 8.30 in the night. We had 3 and half hours and hence decided to cover some more places in this duration.  Our next stop was the ‘Basilica of Bom Jesus’ , Rahul had his nail-cutter ready. This museum is closed for fumigation for 2 days every year and non-surprisingly, this was that day. We didn’t get to use the nail cutter and were let down again by our timing. We next went to Mangeshi temple and everybody loved it. Worth mentioning here was the ‘Misal Pav’ that we had here. We next went to one of my favoritest place in the world, The Mahalasa Temple of Mardol. It was almost 7ish and we just had enough time to make it to the Cruise. We didn’t have high expectations from this Cruise but it was worse than what we expected. the worst part was that the dance floor was not on the open air on the roof but inside the boat which was no fun at all. After the so-called cruise, We just thought of driving around Panjim and was the best part of our trip. We saw one of the best looking church in the middle of Panjim and we were hungry by this time. The next stop by accident was ‘Rajdhani’ , The thali served here was one of the best I have ever had, I wanted to click a pic of the Thali and patiently waited till everything was served. The sign language used here to serve the items was intriguing. We next stopped at Miramar Beach at close to mid night and this place was surreal, right on the main road with benches on the beach, I was loving it. We spent close to an hour on this beach untill driving to the Dona Paula beach. At 1 in the night, this place reminded me so much of the South Bank in London. This place carries with it an aura both romantic and mythical. This was my most favorite spot in Goa. I didn’t wanna go home from here. Some guys were fishing here and it was so relaxing to spend time with them. This was the most eventful day on this trip and most memorable day too.

Road to Bangalore:

It was already time to go back to the Chaos of Bangalore. We checked out by 11 in the morning, This was the most earliest that we have woken up all week . The return journey was the best route I have even been. We covered the scenic and most luscious green route I have ever been to. With a little bit of drizzle , The green just got greener.

We got deviated seeing the Doodh Sagar Fall’s sign board. We reached the Castle Rock railway station and this was one bestest railway station. Almost secluded and looked like that Chaiyaa Chaiyaa song was shot here. . After a refreshing Tea in this station , we drove straight to Hubli. We had some thoughts on having ‘Kanda Bajji’ , Sushruth stopped a police and asked him where we get ‘Kanda Bajji’. We had dinner at a hotel in Hubli and that was the end of a journey. When we were close to bangalore we had a empty petrol tank scare but after knocking doors of some 15 petrol bunks we finally managed to get petrol on time. It was 5.30 in the morning when we reached bangalore and we had clocked 1801.2KM on before this trip came to an end.

End of Journey


Looking Back:

This was a trip where almost everything we had initially planned didn’t work out and most of the things that worked out were never planned. During the trip we thought that this was a disaster and all we did was eating and more eating. Each one of us had an upset tummy at some point of time on the trip. But writing this blog I realised that we did do a lot fo things other than just eating. We visited some memorable places and each one of us have some memory etched into our minds from this wonderful experience.