A pointless existence?

There is a person in Kurukshetra(Haryana) who reads thumbprint. Before I go into details, Let me clarify that this is not something I have read somewhere, One of my friend has got this done. Now, Let me explain how this works. You just get your thumb impression on a piece of paper and send it to an address. You can accompany that piece of paper with a specific question or you can just send it as it is. You receive an audio tape in return with your life story. The tape my friend got had her name, very specific details on her parentage, what direction her study will be, what age she will get a job and what age she will get married. For my friend, all these facts were the things of her past and they matched perfectly. This doesn’t stop here, He goes on to tell at what age she will be having her first kid, what time she will be having her second, what age she will buy a property, at what age her hubby will start business. This goes on and on till the prediction of exact age she is gonna die. I found a website which does something very close to what I have mentioned  http://thumbprediction.com/

Her family members too had got this prediction thing done and so far it has matched perfectly down to the last word. What stumped me was how can a person’s name which is decided so randomly can be predicted based on his thumbprint! It got me thinking if everything about our existence  already predetermined? The thing that we call ‘Destiny’ is already pre-decided? Am I just doing something just because its my destiny to do that? Am I not doing many things just because it’s not my destiny to do that? Do we have a choice or even we choose based on whats destined for us.  Destiny is one of the biggest paradox I feel. It can’t be used in a future tense, Whatever happens in future can only be predicted which might or might not happen. Destiny is the term for something which has happened. The things in future cannot be termed as destiny as there is still a scope/possibility to change it,  or the biggest paradoxical argument, May be sometimes we are destined to change our destiny. Destiny , Luck or Nature whatever it is, We do have to understand that there are many things beyond our control in our life.

On a different note, Had somehow stumbled on Bhagawath Gita, The “manual for mankind”. Have just started reading but something that is struck in my mind and resonating since the time I read this. I love the metaphor used here and love the perspective in which the whole scripture is being seen.

“The whole world is a big battle-field. The real Kurukshetra is within you. The battle of Mahabharata is still raging within you. Ignorance (Avidya) is Dhritarashtra. The individual soul is Arjuna. The Indweller Who dwells in your heart is Lord Krishna, the charioteer. The body is your chariot. The senses (Indriyas) are the horses. The mind, egoism, senses, Samskaras (mental impressions), Vasanas (latent tendencies), cravings, Raga-Dvesha (likes and dislikes), lust, jealousy, greed, pride and hypocrisy are your dire enemies.”

3 Responses to “A pointless existence?”

  1. I am the same friend who got this done 🙂 and yeah its true .Praj everything was written in tadpatra which was given from people to people .When they wrote these, it was future for them and now at present whatever he told became my past and is perfectly correct.But people dont believe until they get it done for themselves so GO AHEAD.

  2. Sushruta Nadig Says:

    Brilliant Pai, I like the way you talk abt destiny and linking bhagwadgeetha something which i am reading these days.

    Super. I enjoyed reading this.

  3. Shantala Rao Says:

    Hey..this is again well-written and very interesting. I’m tempted to send my thumbprint to them :)..it also makes me wonder- we tend to believe in things that are the absolute contrary of each other. For example, in school, we are taught that we make our own destiny and that it is in our own hands..BUT then something happens to us in our lives which we cannot influence, we are told it was our destiny so we had to bear it or suffer it. A bit funny because if we create our own destiny and if it is in our own hands, we’d never want anything bad to happen to us….having said that how we manage anything bad that happens to us, is totally up to us- so there we can influence the ‘consequences’ of what destiny bestowed up on us………i’m rambling now 😀

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