Hallelujah – The Immortals of Meluha

“Lord Rama was playing Krodith Pakshi on his iPad.”  This would be the kind of lines that you will encounter in ‘The Immortals of Meluha’. Lets dissect this sentence into parts as if it were some food item and check its ingredients. Lord Rama gives the sentence a Mythological and divine flavour. Krodith pakshi sounds like a Sanskrit word and give the sentence a more Indianised flavour. iPad suddenly shocks you and makes you turn back the pages and actually see if this story is indeed set in 1900BC as iPad provides a flavour of current times. The meaning conveyed by the entire sentence is that ‘Rama dude was playing angry birds on his iPad’, This somehow sounds too much casual tone for a mythological narration and also makes Lord Rama more human and less divine.  This book is a work of fiction and you need to get into that mode before you start appreciating the idea. Before you even ask, This book has no reference to any Apple product nor does it have any reference to any electronic gadgets. I just wanted to pack the feel of entire book in a single sentence and hence taking a bit of liberty in exaggeration.

I am not at all saying that this is not a good book but this is definitely not a great book. The author lacks the attention to details is what I felt. The language and the narration style is way too modern and casual. For example, at one point Lord Shiva says,”the same joker from Brahma temple”. Now.. if you think with a bit of common sense, This story is set in some 1900BC and Shiva is a from a tribe of few ppl who fight for survival. I am pretty sure that they didn’t have a concept of any Joker. There are many swear words and concepts which make you feel that this is a modern story played by mythological characters. It feels like this is a modern take on some old story modified to suit the current times. The book is more like a Hindi Masala movie giving its audience everything they are looking for. It also has its share of ‘inspirations’. The blue throat (Neel kant) is very much like our Harry Potter lightning scar as it brings out the ‘its him! The chosen one’ response from anyone who sees that. It also has a story similar to 300, the spartan movie also battle formations used by Alexander and all.

I have saved the good part for the end. This is a book which takes you on a roller coaster ride. The narration is gripping and does entice you not to put it down. This book indeed has the best recipe for a good Masala movie. This has the mystical chosen one-Neelkant. This book has the good old love story. This book has many unexpected twists and turns. This book has the conflict of thoughts inside the main characters.Our hero has a back-story adding a nice flashback. This book has the bad guy. This book has an epic battle towards the climax.  What more do you want? a Dance number!? Sure! This book has dance numbers too( yes!no kidding). The best part of this book was that it has a profound message wrapped in a wonderful thriller.

This book teaches us that there is an expiry date for everything. There is no good or bad but just the perspective that we see thinks makes us believe what we want to believe. It teaches us that every knowledge has a context, Our opinions are formed only by the facts we know. It teaches us that the something which isn’t good need not be evil/bad. It teaches us that there is no perfect society. The rama rajya setup by the Suryavanshi’s is not even close to perfect. I have tried real hard not to give any spoilers as I recommend this book to be read by you guys. I do leave you guys with the small conversation in the book which I loved the most. The gist of the conversation goes like this.

———- ◊ ———-

The pandith started, ‘Every knowledge has a context, without the context we may not get the point. So tell me what is the color of that leaf?’

‘Its green’, said Shiva

Is it?

Isnt it?

Why do you think that it appears green to you?

‘Because’ said Shiva, ‘It  IS  green!’

‘How does the eye see?’

The white sunlight falls on that leaf.The leaf’s physical properties are such that it absorbs the colors violet,indigo,blue,yellow,orange and red. It doesn’t absorb the color green which is reflected back to my eyes. Hence I see the leaf as green.

‘Exactly’ beamed the pandit.’So think about the color of that leaf from the perspective of that leaf itself. What color it absorbs and what it rejects.Is its color green? Or is it every single color in the world, except green?

Shiva was stunned by the simplicity of the argument presented to him.

‘There are many realities. There are many versions of what may appear obvious, Whatever appears as the unshakable truth, the exact opposite might also be true in another context. It is the context or perspective that you are looking from that moulds which particular reality you see.’

———- ———-

9 Responses to “Hallelujah – The Immortals of Meluha”

  1. nicely written.. felt the same way….
    have to read the 2nd book…. reviewing it?


  2. Nice one 🙂 The legend of neelkanth however does have mythological origins..Shiva supposedly got a blue throat when he consumed the poison which was a by product of the process to create amrutha. In this case he got the blue throat by drinkin amrutha(somras) itself 😉 But yeah, the “its him” may be a lift off, which can be pardoned since it gels well with the mythological story..

    • prajwalpai Says:

      Indeed Batni. I am aware of that , He is also called VishaKanta 🙂 Why he gets that is again explained a bit in next book 🙂

  3. Vinisha Halli Says:

    Your right in all aspects here. The book has all the ingredients of a Masala pot boiler! 🙂 The narration can do a lot better, barely does justice to the story. And some of the main parts like when Sati stands up to Shiva, is so underplayed! Thats just the writing. But the story goes beyond all this! Loved the take on the mythological characters and the story. This book is all about the story. And the little things it conveys to us are what made this book worthwhile.
    And…I read this because of you only. 🙂

  4. Thanks to you, I spent £13 to get this book from amazon. But its worth every penny :). Its like a super hit movie with many flaws in it, but still the movie can be enjoyed. The 2nd book isn’t in stock with amazon yet, but I’ve ordered it.

  5. very aptly expressed… I had similar thoughts wrt the book…
    Shiva swearing seemed outright ridiculous !! and what’s with the marijuana habit ? LOL !
    like you said, the book is enjoyable only if you have the stomach for bollywood masala… and true, the excerpts that you have quoted were the most fascinating lines that had me riveted as well !

  6. Manjunath Says:

    amazing experience while reading da book…, felt lyk shiva would have been human!!! hatts offffff»»»»»»

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