Secret of the Nagas

Simplicity is beautiful but complication in the right way is wonderful. The sequel to ‘Immortals of Meluha’ gets complicated. While I was reading this, I felt nostalgic of the Harry Potter series when I used to finish each book and relish an year waiting for next book. This book raises more questions and has set up a grand premise for the final installment, ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras.’

I started this book almost immediately as I finished the first book and hence I didnt feel that I read two separate books. I was so much absorbed into the story and so curious about the plots that I didn’t even notice the mundane narration. This book is more of an adventure ride than the first book. Shiva takes up a voyage and lot of things happen while he is on that.The fight sequences have been amazingly well described and with a little bit of imagination, I could visualize every sequence. The book continues on its message that a change of perspective can make villains to be seen as heros. The plot thickens in this book with flashbacks on Sati and her first born. The heros of the first book have now come close to being villains. The so called evils people are now the trusted allies. The so called pure evils of the first book have now become Heros. By the end of the book, we dont have any known villains and a mystery is created. There is a new concept of ‘attachment to evil’ which is explained in riddles and we are forced to wait for the next book for more answers. The ending was a bit of a let down but still manages to keep us hooked.

The book again doesnt just stop at entertainment and thrill. This book too like its predecessor has its share of thought provoking messages.

  • The opposite of Love is not hate but apathy
  • There are no good and bad people but just strong and weak people
  • Forgiveness is greater than vengeance
  • We are blinded by our prejudice by the limited facts that are told to us
  • Evil is as necessary for the existence as is everything else

This book has many beautiful thoughts and gives a context to think. We see so many things around us and form our opinions which might be completely incorrect. This book surpassed my expectations and I just hope and pray that the last book lives up to the expectations. A lot of loose ends exists and I hope its not further tangled more but rather neatly tied up in the final book.

One Response to “Secret of the Nagas”

  1. Vinisha Halli Says:

    🙂 Very nicely written! You’re good with reviews! Since i’ve started reading, I know that the mundane writing is eventually ignored because the story is so gripping.

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