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The Immortals!

Posted in My-Movie-Review on November 17, 2011 by prajwalpai

The Company!
I saw this movie with a person whom I had never met before! My first complete sentence to a person whom I have never met before in my life was, ‘The movie has already started!’. The movie was a mutual idea so we had only each other to blame for this ‘initial’ sheer awkwardness.

The Expectation!
I have been a huge fan of the director Tarsem Singh. I am a huge fan of his earlier movies, ‘The Cell’ and ‘The Fall’. Both of them were a visual extravaganza and an artistic masterpiece. ‘The Cell’ deals with the dream world of a serial killer and The Fall is an imagination of a story by a cute Kid. The Immortals being a big budget movie and Tarsem being more of an artist than a director had a huge empty canvas that he could fill with his painting in motion. I had loved the trailers and was looking forward for a movie that would surpass ‘300’ in its visual depiction.

The Fall!
The Fall speaks in color and beauty – transcending traditional filmmaking. I don’t remember how I stumbled across this movie but this is my all time favorite movie in terms of visuals. It is truly an art to make a movie in which each frame had the potential to be frozen and hung as a breathtaking painting. The “Chand Baori” step well of Jaipur and the Taj Mahal in backdrop will simply make you gasp with awe. Anybody who has not seen it, I would highly recommend this trailer which might convey what I am trying to tell here.

Immortals – The Plot!

The plot is very familiar of one Dark Lord who wants to destroy humans and an ordinary chosen one trying to stop him. Err.. sorry that was Harry Potter. This movie is about, One Evil King Hyperion who wants to destroy humans and an ordinary peasant who is the chosen one trying to stop him. There is a prophecy by an Oracle(Miss.Pinto) about the Chosen one.  We have Zeus(The Father of Gods) who is disguised as a human(old man) guiding our Chosen one from his young age.The evil king is in search of a special Divine Bow which he wants to use to trigger a weapon of Mass destruction. The Gods are literally watching all this from up above but they cannot interfere unless the Titans are released. Titans again are people who have the potential to kill even the Gods. We are told, The Gods cannot interfere as some law restricts them from involving into affairs of humans. They wait for the chosen one to stop the Dark Lord..err.. to stop King Hyperion.

The Flaws!

It’s a grand premise and I was expecting something spectacular on-screen but I felt let down. I am exactly not sure on what went wrong. I wasn’t completely convinced by the plot may be, I didn’t know why King Hyperion was so powerful, He had intentions to kill Gods and I have no clue on why he wanted that. I don’t know if he was just a human or may be a Demi-God. The Titans again are a set of weird people, I don’t know if they had any special powers. The Gods are moving at the speed of light and yet are killed by the Titans which appeared very silly. The Titans could have easily been contained by the special powers of the Gods and yet they choose to have a hand to hand combat and get killed. Zeus could have just used his lightning bolts which is iconic. The Chosen one is more of a loser than our beloved Harry Potter. Potter would appear a hero in front of Theseus, Our potter at-least thinks!. Theseus doesn’t do anything but just once tries to give a Gerard Butler style speech. He happens to find the Divine bow but loses it to a Dog!! Really a Dog snatches the divine bow from him!! The irony is that Chosen one DOESNT stop the King from unleashing the Titans and I feel that the whole point of being chosen one was one big sham. The Titans are unleashed and the Gods get involved and put an end to all the mess. That would have happened with or without the loser chosen one! Why did the father of Gods spend 12 years training a guy who lost his bow to a dog! I don’t give a damn was my answer.


The movie is spectacular at places. The plot I think kinda took away everything from the movie. May be there is a reason for everything but as one average audience without in-depth knowledge of Greek Mythology, the movie appeared flawed. The clash of Titans and the Gods is shown in a fantastic way but I was wondering why are Gods not using their special powers and I couldn’t appreciate the beauty of the camera work at the same time. If anybody has plans to watch this movie, I would still recommend them to watch this. A 2-d might be enough as there was nothing spectacular in the 3rd Dimension. I would only request them to have a very low expectation and try to oversee the plot and enjoy the beauty. I had false expectations due to ‘the fall’s beauty but this movie falls flat in comparison.