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Posted in ramdom rambling on August 22, 2012 by prajwalpai

First of all big thanks to Mrs.Pai for introducing me to ‘Bleach’. I know Deepti is cursing me for watching this obsessively all the time over last few weeks but I also know that she is secretly happy that I loved her recommendation so much.

Now about ‘Bleach!’ If you are remotely interested in Japanese Manga series or more simply if you like any kind of kick ass action, This is a series for you. This series is about a teenager called Icigo Kurasaki , who gets to be a ‘Soul Reaper’. His job now is to kill evil souls called Hallows. This is where the series starts but new forms of life called Quincy, Bounts, Aarrancar and Vizards are intorduced to us in subsequent seasons.

Let me try to put into perspective what ‘Bleach’ is all about by a “fictional” and “completely imaginary” analogy. I want to make it clear that this series doesn’t have any references to the western comic heroes and I am using them only cause more people are familiar with Spider and Super Man.

Using your imagination to the fullest, visualize Peter Parker and Clark Kent(that s super man without his costume) having a fight.

Stage 1:
They start fighting in a human way without using any of their super powers. They beat the shit out of each other.

Stage 2.
Peter Parker can’t take it anymore.. He thinks its time to up the ante and uses his power to crawl and spin a web and comes close to making Clark Kent eat dirt

Stage 3.
Clark Kent can’t take it anymore and he turns the heat up. He tears off his shirt to unleash the power of red and Super Man beats the shit out of Spider Man

Stage 4.
This is not over yet.. Peter Parker injects himself with a serum that transforms him into Hulk! He is now Angry..and he transforms into Spider Hulk!! This huge hulk with awesome spidey sense and spidey reflex beats super man to pulp! You just start to think that Super Man is conquered without the use of krypton but then fight reaches the next level.

Stage 5.
Super Man uses the AllSpark that he possessed and transforms  into Super Optimus Prime! YEs!! The Optimus prime from Transformers but Super!

Now.. This is how a typical fight in ‘Bleach’ is set. Fights are always one-to-one and things gets escalated in a nice pace. Things are revealed in such an unexpected way that it completely blows you away. A small kid suddenly turns out to be a Super Human Soul Reaper. A Cat turns out to be a princess and a Captain. It’s like a climax of an Action movie but this movie never ends!! The action just gets better and better. It never gets boring and you are bombarded with more and more and more and more action. The background music keeps up with the action and does complete justice.

I just started few weeks back and right now I have already crossed the 200th Episode! If you have any remotest interest in action then you should not miss this.

I end this blog with an Epic Battle between Icigo and a Squad Captain Kenpachi Zaraki , This is the video which sums it all. Enjoy pure action. 

You can watch more at : Source 1 or  Source 2