Are we screwed!

I am  reading Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno-A novel’ and it really got me thinking if human’s are due for a near-extinct event. Most things that I have mentioned below are more or less from that book . This blog is for the sake of my lazy friends who can’t endure books.

A Good Run :

The humans are having a good run from last few decades. We are having nearly peaceful democracy in most of the geographically biggest countries. Consequently, we don’t have any dictator on a killing spree or some in-progress colonization. We have no kings waging wars on each other. To put into perspective of what I am talking about, Nazi Regime has killed about 30 million and Churchill and British Empire has killed close to 1.8 Billion humans.[Source].  Medically we have increased the average human life span by at-least a couple of decades. Humans are now living longer than ever![Source] Just a century back, the five leading causes of death were:1. Pneumonia and influenza . 2. Tuberculosis. 3. Diarrhea. 4. Heart disease. 5. Stroke. [Source]

The Impact :

No matter how much we crib about how much corrupt our govt is, how the humans rights are violated everywhere and how much ever of ‘Bharath Nirman’ is happening all around… We- as a species, are collectively having a better life than probably most part of history. Now lets see some facts.. The graphs will shed some light.

The human population is growing within a confined space and its also screwing up the survival of other species. The human population is increasing exponentially but worse is the fact that other species are getting to the brink is extinction exponentially too.

What next:

This is where it gets interesting. WHO considers that 4 Billion is the ideal population which can ensure that human species  survival in the long run. The population to stay constant is impossible. We know its growing but at what rate you ask? Around a century back an economist/mathematician Robert Malthus proposed a theory of population.[Source] As seen from the above graph, it’s taking less and less time for the population to double, in Billions, the growth is growing at 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256… At this rate, the human population will grow way too beyond the sustainable point and will cease to exist.


Fine! So what do we do next? Let’s refresh our FB page! Denial is the critical part of Human coping mechanism. Without it, we could all wake up terrified every morning about all the ways we could die. Instead, our minds block out our existential fears by focusing on stresses we can handle like getting to work on time or refreshing our FB page. We hardly bother about the fact that we might have to evacuate Bangalore by 2023[Source].

Ignorance is indeed bliss.

11 Responses to “Are we screwed!”

  1. Glad that I have energetic friend who not only reads books but also writes blogs for us 😀

  2. I see two views here. One, which is the likely outcome in the long run is the abuse of ecosystem which continues to deplete. This means, we will reach a tipping point to face forces of nature hit back and Charles Darwin theory put to practical use by cannibalising own species. This has happened in Animal kingdom before. Second view, if sanity prevails is demographics redistribution. If redistribution happens and humans adopt far more sustainable methods, then we could postpone the inevitable, or shall we say, die gracefully.

    • prajwalpai Says:

      I somehow don’t see the second view happening but Humans have survived a lot worse i think, so they might go to the brink and evolve into some improved version

  3. your sources about hitler vs churchill educated me and made me read about different topic. our history is flawed and missed lot of pages, that would have only brought the vengeance. thanks for the write up.

    • prajwalpai Says:

      Well.. History is written by the Victors 🙂 If Hitler had been successful in his motive, We would have read a different history with him as a Hero i guess

  4. Shantala Rao Says:

    I think that it explains why more number of Bangaloreans are interested in the mission to moon..evacuate Bangalore, inhabit moon…On a more serious note, I have a lot of mixed feelings about some of the facts mentioned in some of the sources coz the older diseases have been replaced by newer ones and also I think the number of deaths due to non-medical reasons like accidents, suicides, natural calamities not to forget terrorism have also risen. I guess nature (both human and otherwise) just finds its own way to maintain equilibrium. There is absolutely no doubt about who is responsible for all the aforementioned non-medical reasons for fatality. Many people do worry about not being able to survive…explains the 21/12/2012 fears and strange behaviours associated with it. Thought provoking writing. Good job.

    • prajwalpai Says:

      Well.. Accidents and suicides and etc might go in thousands but the growth rate is in 100 Crores 🙂 Terrorism or the Iraq Invasion might go into lakhs , This number too in the context of sheer volume looks tiny. In simple words, The human population has gone way beyond any way that Man can control. We have to wait for nature to do something negative(Plague) or Positive(Evolve into some sane species).

      • Shantala Rao Says:

        Maybe..don’t know how the numbers look world wide but i think they will be much more than what we think…considering that a lot of it goes unreported worldwide…but yeah not in billions for sure..A medical reason- every 45s 1 person dies of Malaria.. We are evolving for sure…it might sound funny but i read somewhere that the reason for more and more people losing hair and rise in baldness (not only in men) is because the ‘evolved species’ is going to be devoid of hair, considering this I am inclined to believe it is true…and that evolution is at play :D..Other features of the ‘evolved species’ described were- appendix disappears, external ears disappear, no eyebrows…:D

      • prajwalpai Says:

        Check , In 45 seconds, 200 people are born as of current growth rate. In few years , The growth rate will increase too. The death rate has drastically come down. And for evolution, I know we are evolving physically, I know we are 26th version of Homo sapiens. Normal evolution takes centuries and not decades. I was hoping for a drastic response from nature like the fertility ratio coming drastically down. Read the book and you will get a clear picture of what I am taking about.

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