Good Morning!!


My morning now happens at 6.15. I catch my cab at 7.30 and its a good half a km walk to the stop. The chilled early morning makes me nostalgic of my UK stay. I used to walk close to a kilometre then to catch a train at 8.12  to office. There used to be a series of events every morning, I used to see the same set of faces doing the same set of things everyday repeatedly.  I now, regularly see the same events repeating everyday- the kids waiting for their bus, the same auntiji walking her Pug, an uncle walking his Labrador , people waiting for their office transport, some on their brisk walks and others doing yoga in the park.

Its been just 3 months since I have availed the office transport and I am loving it. I would really encourage everybody who has this option to use it.

Pro of office cabs

  • Its the most Eco-friendly option
  • Its a very Eco-nomically friendly option
  • Its more disciplined to wake up early
  • The Traffic Jams /Pollution doesn’t matter anymore
  • My office timings are not at the mercy of the Rain Gods
  • My office culture is good enough to be considerate of Cab timings, we get an early exit from meeting/training!!
  • A delicious evening snack waiting for me everyday!

Con of office cabs

  • Hate the sound of early morning Alarm.
  • Non-flexible time , you cant go late or stay few mins late in office
  • Did I say, I hate the sound of early morning alarm!

My cab ride to office span a good 11KM and last around 20 mins. The not so early morning Bangalore is all about catching the bus. There is relatively less traffic and I see so many people with there loved ones waiting for the bus to come. The whole cycle of life can be seen in these bus stops. The pattern starts like this- husbands come to drop their wifves to stop , The next progression in family happens and young mums come to drop their little kiddos to school bus. I don’t see many dads coming to drop their kids.  We can see the next milestone when Dads come back to drop their adolescent kids to bus.  Only the college kids are by themselves till they study and get a job I guess.

The most funny part is the similarities between working professionals and kiddos. The kids have a school bag and grown ups have a laptop bag, the kids have there kiddish tiffin box and the grown ups a Tupperware dabba. The kids do have an enthu about going to school but most grown ups are grim about something waiting for them in office.

4 Responses to “Good Morning!!”

  1. Good to hear that the early morning walk brings back nostalgia at its very best!! Plus the bonus of a delicious snack is mouth watering to say the least 🙂

  2. Shantala Rao Says:

    Haha…my story too…I use company transport too. The biggest plus is that it brings a lot of discipline into your life. Everything gets done on time everyday (I must say every working day)…everything has a schedule but come weekend and all the discpline is out of the window. 🙂 I usually carry a book around and read whenever the bus isn’t moving too much and once I cannot read coz the bus is moving too much, I take a nap. I have to cover about 18-20 km to work and that gives me enough time for a good nap. In the evenings, just catch up with colleagues in the bus or just look out of the window and admire the sights and scenes.

    Very well written. It brought my weekday mornings to my mind! 🙂

  3. Veena Kumar Says:

    Nice writeup Prajwal , the writing is so close to real life,where the imagination comes up spontaneously we read it ,keep going 🙂

  4. Of lately i have adopted BMTC travel and must say feel the very same way you do.. 🙂

    n yea the early morning alarm is really frustrating ! 🙂

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