godzilla-2014-review-spoileriffic-b0d6f9d3-c003-4191-82c4-65e101be7ca5I have to confess that I do enjoy some bad movies. I just watch them ( in fast forward mode) to see how bad can it be! Godzilla has been one of the worst movies in recent times. The big budget and current technology can be put into good use for larger than life monster movies and we have ample evidence of that in recent times. I didn’t have high expectations from this movie but I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

I haven’t reviewed any movie in last few years. I was extremely angry while I was watching this movie and hence this review to vent out my frustration. This movie is roughly 2 hours(120mins).

 00-15 mins : We have a workaholic Bryan Cranston who is a Nuclear plant supervisor in Japan and we are shown he forgets his own birthday. He notices some strange seismic activity and sends his co-worker wife to investigate the tremors. The whole nuclear plant collapses killing his wife and the whole area is quarantined.

15-30 mins : No signs of Godzilla. We are taken 15 years after that incident. Bryan’s son is in US Army. Bryan is trying to find something to prove that seismic activity was not an earth quake. His kid flies from US to take him out of jail.

30-60 mins:Where is Godzilla?! Apparently, there is a gigantic bug under that nuclear plant which created those tremors. This bug comes out of hibernation and starts killing everybody. We are told the scientists did research on this bug for 15 years monitoring each of its activity but have no clue on what its capable of. This 1000 feet monster raises and starts destroying the city but people are not worried at all. Bryan dies and you realise his role has no relevance to this movie at all. His son tries to shoot this 1000 feet bug with his handgun and there goes your hopes of enjoying this movie.

60-90 mins : I start wondering  if I am accidentally watching some other movie! The giant bug is now shooting EMP and humans have no clue what to do. They don’t even have enough common sense not to try the same thing again and again. It looks like ‘All-Out’ mosquito repellent Ad , The fighter planes are just falling off around the giant bug. NOW they mention GODZILLA! Its as casual as somebody calling 911 in the movies. We don’t see Godzilla yet but are shown some close-ups of its spikes. The army guy saves a child which is separated from its parents and reunites the kid , I fail to understand the relevance of this unnecessary sub-plot. There is a scene where Godzilla is approaching land, there is traffic jam on bridge created by fighter planes and tankers blocking everything. A school bus driver maniacally runs over pedestrians trying to escape, while every car is standstill. The humans on bridge are enjoying the view of Godzilla being bombarded with missiles and nobody cares about their own life!

90-115 mins: Apparently there is another gigantic bug in US which has been on rampage, Which is 500 feet taller than our original bug. This bigger bug is in US and walking in Vegas and nobody noticed it! Anything more unbelievable than this?  The two bugs want to meet each other to mate. Now we see Godzilla swimming and the US naval ships swimming along with Godzilla like best chums.We’re also to believe that nobody is really sure whether Godzilla is friend or foe, so the U.S. Navy will arbitrarily alternate between sailing right next to him and shooting at him with rockets

115-End of Movie: The 2 bugs meet and literally exchange a missile and mate. Godzilla faces both of them and we have a 40 secs fight. The exact moment when Godzilla is about to punch the bug, the screen goes black. The camera point of view is from inside a bunker and the door just closes while Godzilla is about to punch. It’s suddenly night fall, 2 pitch black bugs are fighting a pitcher blacker Godzilla. We hear some 120 secs of noise where I assume some fight was going on. The Godzilla finally turns into a dragon and breathes out flame to kill the bugs. Job done and its walks into the sea, Credits roll.

Verdict : I would rather watch Humshakals again. No kidding.


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