A lap riding the 3rd rock from Sun

IMG_2904“My water broke!” shouted Deepti again at 15 mins to mid night . This had become a drill, her testing our response time and readiness. The hospital bag and diaper bag was ready. We would all rush to her only to realise its a mock drill. Only this time, it was real.

The water breaking scene played in my head borrowing heavily from the movies I had seen. I imagined, Deepti would be shouting and we would all be in a state of panic. The doctor had assured us that it would take hours from water breaking to actual labour. If Bollywood was to be believed, I would carry hot water and a saree too. The scene unravelling in real life couldn’t be more different. Deepti calmly told me what all to carry and she went on to stand in front of the mirror for some eye liner. Deepti’s Dad was still not sure if this was a drill or the real deal. Deepti even found some time to sort out her hair and when everyone was ready, she sounded the battle cry “Lets go have this baby!!

We had no reason to worry as every test and scan had been normal from the first day and Deepti was set for a normal delivery. While driving to the hospital, We talked how this night would be remembered for years to come and how calm we all were unlike what we all had imagined.  Little did we know , things were about to go haywire. The doc had already reached the hospital before us. After some initial tests, Doc came out with a long face and a serious look. Apparently the water breaking and Deepti not feeling any pain was a bad thing. Getting the contractions first and then breaking of water should have been the sequence of events, but no painful contractions was bad news. We had only 24 hours to wait for contractions to happen, or to induce labour . For the first time in duration of pregnancy, our doc contemplated a cesarean delivery. The doc mentioned he would take a call the next day morning at 8. It was not over yet.

 I checked into a room in the hospital where Deepti and baby would eventually shift and tried to catch some sleep. The next morning , the Doc had a more concerned look which set a bit of panic. There were almost no progress and while he had started to induce , the contractions were yet to happen. It was 10 in the morning and Deepti was blabbering something under the influence of induced drugs. The doc with a grim face said that if everything went well, we might have a normal delivery by 18:00 , else we would have to go for a cesarean. The clock was ticking from the moment the water broke and we only had 24 hours since then. The next test was scheduled at 15:00 and we had nothing to do but wait till then. Tick..tock!!

I got a bath and shave and couldn’t contain myself to wait till 15:00 at home. We rushed to hospital at 13:30 with more waiting in mind. to our surprise, there was extreme progress during this time and Deepti was already scheduled to be taken into the delivery room when we arrived. I immediately called FIL and Granny to come to hospital and it was any moment now. If life were a movie, everything would go silent now and a baby’s cry would resonate in the hospital. It happened the exact way but it was somebody else’s baby. I was given an apron and asked to stand next to Deepti. Funnily enough I was given a chair if I choose to faint on the sight of blood.

It was 14:30 when Deepti was taken inside the labour room. I stood next to her holding her hand firmly. I was again imagining all the screaming and pain which she has to endure , courtesy the Bollywood movies. I couldn’t have been more wrong, it was just  2 pushes and we could see the head! After next push, The doc announced that its a BOY! At 14:45 on Sept 18th 2016 , our baby arrived on this planet. He was a 3.3KG bundle of joy looking chubby and perfect with head full of hair. He was nick named ‘Fluffy’ by the nursing staff. Its been a year now, Priyansh has completed an entire revolution around the Sun riding on this 3rd rock from the sun called planet Earth!

Happy First Birthday Priyansh! Priyansh-10



2 Responses to “A lap riding the 3rd rock from Sun”

  1. Happy birthday Fluffy! : )

  2. Super write up maga

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