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godzilla-2014-review-spoileriffic-b0d6f9d3-c003-4191-82c4-65e101be7ca5I have to confess that I do enjoy some bad movies. I just watch them ( in fast forward mode) to see how bad can it be! Godzilla has been one of the worst movies in recent times. The big budget and current technology can be put into good use for larger than life monster movies and we have ample evidence of that in recent times. I didn’t have high expectations from this movie but I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

I haven’t reviewed any movie in last few years. I was extremely angry while I was watching this movie and hence this review to vent out my frustration. This movie is roughly 2 hours(120mins).

 00-15 mins : We have a workaholic Bryan Cranston who is a Nuclear plant supervisor in Japan and we are shown he forgets his own birthday. He notices some strange seismic activity and sends his co-worker wife to investigate the tremors. The whole nuclear plant collapses killing his wife and the whole area is quarantined.

15-30 mins : No signs of Godzilla. We are taken 15 years after that incident. Bryan’s son is in US Army. Bryan is trying to find something to prove that seismic activity was not an earth quake. His kid flies from US to take him out of jail.

30-60 mins:Where is Godzilla?! Apparently, there is a gigantic bug under that nuclear plant which created those tremors. This bug comes out of hibernation and starts killing everybody. We are told the scientists did research on this bug for 15 years monitoring each of its activity but have no clue on what its capable of. This 1000 feet monster raises and starts destroying the city but people are not worried at all. Bryan dies and you realise his role has no relevance to this movie at all. His son tries to shoot this 1000 feet bug with his handgun and there goes your hopes of enjoying this movie.

60-90 mins : I start wondering  if I am accidentally watching some other movie! The giant bug is now shooting EMP and humans have no clue what to do. They don’t even have enough common sense not to try the same thing again and again. It looks like ‘All-Out’ mosquito repellent Ad , The fighter planes are just falling off around the giant bug. NOW they mention GODZILLA! Its as casual as somebody calling 911 in the movies. We don’t see Godzilla yet but are shown some close-ups of its spikes. The army guy saves a child which is separated from its parents and reunites the kid , I fail to understand the relevance of this unnecessary sub-plot. There is a scene where Godzilla is approaching land, there is traffic jam on bridge created by fighter planes and tankers blocking everything. A school bus driver maniacally runs over pedestrians trying to escape, while every car is standstill. The humans on bridge are enjoying the view of Godzilla being bombarded with missiles and nobody cares about their own life!

90-115 mins: Apparently there is another gigantic bug in US which has been on rampage, Which is 500 feet taller than our original bug. This bigger bug is in US and walking in Vegas and nobody noticed it! Anything more unbelievable than this?  The two bugs want to meet each other to mate. Now we see Godzilla swimming and the US naval ships swimming along with Godzilla like best chums.We’re also to believe that nobody is really sure whether Godzilla is friend or foe, so the U.S. Navy will arbitrarily alternate between sailing right next to him and shooting at him with rockets

115-End of Movie: The 2 bugs meet and literally exchange a missile and mate. Godzilla faces both of them and we have a 40 secs fight. The exact moment when Godzilla is about to punch the bug, the screen goes black. The camera point of view is from inside a bunker and the door just closes while Godzilla is about to punch. It’s suddenly night fall, 2 pitch black bugs are fighting a pitcher blacker Godzilla. We hear some 120 secs of noise where I assume some fight was going on. The Godzilla finally turns into a dragon and breathes out flame to kill the bugs. Job done and its walks into the sea, Credits roll.

Verdict : I would rather watch Humshakals again. No kidding.


Don’t worry be ‘Barfi!’

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When I first saw the trailer of Barfi , I was totally awed. Sesh did tell me this movie comes from the maker of Kites which has exciting promo too, I told him this might be different. When the movie released, I only read great reviews all around and I had high expectations. The promotions tried to make the ‘Dont worry Be Barfi’ catchphrase and failed miserably. The cast and director kept repeating there isn’t a single sad scene in the movie. I kinda was prepared for a happy movie. Before I could see the movie , I happened to go through a lot of ‘Barfi is a copy’ articles.  When I finally saw the movie, I felt it was good but something was missing.

Don’t worry Be Happy?

I honestly thought the movie was a drag at some parts but still felt that the movie was good if not great. I did tell my friends that even though few scenes were indeed copied, the core of the movie was original and baring the 15 mins of the copied stuff, the movie is still a good watch. There were way too many sad moments in the movie and I don’t agree with the director that it’s a happy movie. On the contrary, The story goes like this : Hero is sad that he falls in love with a girl who is already engaged, he is sad when humiliated at her house, he is sad when his love abandons him and goes out of his life as quickly as she had arrived. He is sad when his dad goes jobless, His is sad his dad’s kidney fails and eventually ends up in hospital , he is sad that he has no money and his Dad’s boss don’t help him. He is sad when his bank robbery plan fails, he is sad(read devastated) when his Dad dies , he is sad when he is stuck with an autistic girl ,  He is now a felon with robbery and kidnapping charges, His love comes back into his life but his new love goes out of his life. He is charged with a murder, he goes into depression.  This is a story of Barfi in the order they happen in his life. I feel this is a sad story. This story indeed has a happy ending in the last-minute when he finds his new love and abandons his old love and lives happily ever after. But most Hindi movies have a happy ending in the last-minute, that doesn’t make a movie to be repeatedly called a Happy Movie. Don’t worry be Barfi? I think not!

Don’t worry copy Barfi?

Most Bollywood movies in recent years are a rip-off or some other language and I don’t mind this  as long as the end product is entertaining. What is irritating is the Directors shouting its original movie. I did say initially, the movie has some 15-20 mins of copied material and I think it has been shared enough on FB and I need not mention them again. When I happen to come across this link. I was dumbfounded to find that may be only 15 mins of this movie is original. Here are more scenes and many crucial scenes which are copied too! If you don’t trust me and wanna see the original scenes , indulge here (comments section).

The turning back of clock during their first meet. I really had a good feeling when I watched this scene and was really sad to find it is not original. Sentence to sentence is a copy.

The newspaper scene where Barfi stares at his own pic in paper while paper being in the Sadhu’s lap. I had a hearty laugh , alas this is not original.

The bill that sticks to his hand/shoes is a copy from one of Mr.Bean thingy.

The peeing in from of Paddy field with the people popping up ( again the Korean movie)

The show throwing to catch attention is a supposed to be copy ( of some Malayalam movie)

A deaf guy copying his boss’s daughter is a story from a Korean movie it seems.

The cart race when Barfi is pulling PC in the cart

His dad struggling and dying while Barfi is asleep is also copied.

Every comment in that above blog, more and more stuff turned out to be copy. Even some of original stuff which has a remote resemblance can get branded as a copy now. The director has done a commendable  job in weaving a plot and story around so many copied scenes. I only wish the inspiration was more subtle rather than unimaginative and shameless frame to frame copy.

Dont worry, Act Barfi!

The whole copy thing apart, what makes Barfi worthy of watching is the performance delivered by each of its main cast. Ranbir has done a wonderful job but I think I loved PC the most as an autistic person. Many hindi movies have had such characters in past but nothing comes close to the act delivered by PC. The whole look and body language and the small nuances are executed to the hilt. The feel of the movie is very feel-good, the camera work compliments that feel and the actors have left no stone unturned to achieve that feel-good factor admist the tragedy that happens all around.

Dont worry, Oscar Barfi?

I don’t subscribe to the thought that getting an Oscar would make Barfi the best movie of all time but I do believe that Oscar is one of the highest form of recognition. I think many people felt that Barfi was not fit to be in Oscar but I think it was the best in the list. I don’t mean that Barfi was a better movie that other in the list. I read an article by Rajeev Masand which actually changed my mind on this. I had always had an idea that sending a movie for Oscar was all that needed to be done , I didn’t know movie-makers have to spend crores and make the Jury members watch the movie. They need to run a campaign for few months and spend money and time. Big banners are better at doing this than small/regional film makers.  It is about winability, it is not really so much about which is the best film.

All said and done, Barfi is good for one time watch. I personally would not be able to watch it again when its playing on TV near me. The main character being deaf and mute gives this movie inherent power to make its audience feel for the protagonist. If any of you guys liked Ranbhir, you gotta watch the movie  Koshish which is a masterpiece on this genre.

The Immortals!

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The Company!
I saw this movie with a person whom I had never met before! My first complete sentence to a person whom I have never met before in my life was, ‘The movie has already started!’. The movie was a mutual idea so we had only each other to blame for this ‘initial’ sheer awkwardness.

The Expectation!
I have been a huge fan of the director Tarsem Singh. I am a huge fan of his earlier movies, ‘The Cell’ and ‘The Fall’. Both of them were a visual extravaganza and an artistic masterpiece. ‘The Cell’ deals with the dream world of a serial killer and The Fall is an imagination of a story by a cute Kid. The Immortals being a big budget movie and Tarsem being more of an artist than a director had a huge empty canvas that he could fill with his painting in motion. I had loved the trailers and was looking forward for a movie that would surpass ‘300’ in its visual depiction.

The Fall!
The Fall speaks in color and beauty – transcending traditional filmmaking. I don’t remember how I stumbled across this movie but this is my all time favorite movie in terms of visuals. It is truly an art to make a movie in which each frame had the potential to be frozen and hung as a breathtaking painting. The “Chand Baori” step well of Jaipur and the Taj Mahal in backdrop will simply make you gasp with awe. Anybody who has not seen it, I would highly recommend this trailer which might convey what I am trying to tell here.

Immortals – The Plot!

The plot is very familiar of one Dark Lord who wants to destroy humans and an ordinary chosen one trying to stop him. Err.. sorry that was Harry Potter. This movie is about, One Evil King Hyperion who wants to destroy humans and an ordinary peasant who is the chosen one trying to stop him. There is a prophecy by an Oracle(Miss.Pinto) about the Chosen one.  We have Zeus(The Father of Gods) who is disguised as a human(old man) guiding our Chosen one from his young age.The evil king is in search of a special Divine Bow which he wants to use to trigger a weapon of Mass destruction. The Gods are literally watching all this from up above but they cannot interfere unless the Titans are released. Titans again are people who have the potential to kill even the Gods. We are told, The Gods cannot interfere as some law restricts them from involving into affairs of humans. They wait for the chosen one to stop the Dark Lord..err.. to stop King Hyperion.

The Flaws!

It’s a grand premise and I was expecting something spectacular on-screen but I felt let down. I am exactly not sure on what went wrong. I wasn’t completely convinced by the plot may be, I didn’t know why King Hyperion was so powerful, He had intentions to kill Gods and I have no clue on why he wanted that. I don’t know if he was just a human or may be a Demi-God. The Titans again are a set of weird people, I don’t know if they had any special powers. The Gods are moving at the speed of light and yet are killed by the Titans which appeared very silly. The Titans could have easily been contained by the special powers of the Gods and yet they choose to have a hand to hand combat and get killed. Zeus could have just used his lightning bolts which is iconic. The Chosen one is more of a loser than our beloved Harry Potter. Potter would appear a hero in front of Theseus, Our potter at-least thinks!. Theseus doesn’t do anything but just once tries to give a Gerard Butler style speech. He happens to find the Divine bow but loses it to a Dog!! Really a Dog snatches the divine bow from him!! The irony is that Chosen one DOESNT stop the King from unleashing the Titans and I feel that the whole point of being chosen one was one big sham. The Titans are unleashed and the Gods get involved and put an end to all the mess. That would have happened with or without the loser chosen one! Why did the father of Gods spend 12 years training a guy who lost his bow to a dog! I don’t give a damn was my answer.


The movie is spectacular at places. The plot I think kinda took away everything from the movie. May be there is a reason for everything but as one average audience without in-depth knowledge of Greek Mythology, the movie appeared flawed. The clash of Titans and the Gods is shown in a fantastic way but I was wondering why are Gods not using their special powers and I couldn’t appreciate the beauty of the camera work at the same time. If anybody has plans to watch this movie, I would still recommend them to watch this. A 2-d might be enough as there was nothing spectacular in the 3rd Dimension. I would only request them to have a very low expectation and try to oversee the plot and enjoy the beauty. I had false expectations due to ‘the fall’s beauty but this movie falls flat in comparison.

Movie Fest!!

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After a bitter after-taste from the pretentious Gussarish, This weekend I had a fest of  some good Hindi cinema. I saw Udaan and Dhobi Ghat and enjoyed every bit of both movies. I also watched Band Baaja Barath which again was pleasant watch.

Udaan :

This is a movie about chasing of your dreams. I think this must be one of the best movies of last year. Towards the end of the movie there is a racing scene in the movie between father and son and you cannot help yourself but feel like go grab a pom-pom and wanting to cheer for your hero. This being the most important scene of the movie metaphorically is like seeing a little birds first successful flight and hence the movie gets its name. That frame is frozen in the pic I have posted here. This movie is so well made that you can feel every feeling that the characters are going through. The best part of the movie for me was the kid Arjun. The kid with hardly few lines in the initial part conveys everything through his eyes and cute body language. The conviction this kid has is unbelievable. Our hero is a mother-less boy in boarding school. His dad hasn’t paid him a visit and kid has almost forgotten his dad’s face. He is suspended from his school and is sent back home. Only when he comes back home does he come to know that his dad has married again and he has a step brother. This movie is as much a story of relation of two brothers as it’s about chasing your dreams. Our hero aspires to be a writer and we get to listen to some wonderful poetry. Carefully listen to the poem he recites in the park bench to his dad. Few lines of this poem conveys volumes about how desperately he wants his dad to let him live his dreams.  A must watch for everybody and keep a look out for ‘kanthi shah ke angoor’, Its hilarious.

Dhobi Ghat :

I didn’t have high expectations from this movie. I had read reviews and kinda set my exceptions low but this movie pulled me in from the start and blew me away. I went in a group of 9 people and it was only me who liked this movie and Sushruth had a mixed feeling about this. This movie might not appeal to everybody and the movie being very unconventional and un-filmy, The response is very much understandable. Every person has his reason to like the movie and similarly everyone will have their reasons to hate. Many of the ppl couldn’t wait for the movie to end and few ppl has a sheepy content smile on their face when the movie ended. This movie is a snapshot into lives of 4 people. I wish I knew some superlative word than ‘perfect’ to express how perfect the casting for the movie was. Anyway, Let me do this part by part.

Mr.Khan – The intrigued

As a whimsical loner, Khan has tried to give a restrained performance. He plays an artist with ease and is intrigued with the Video diary he finds in his new house. He draws inspirations from these videos initially but towards the end the same things haunt him. I would call him a perfect cast not for the performance but because  If not for Mr Khan, This movie wouldn’t have got the exposure it’s getting now. It would have been highly possible for this movie to get unnoticed. Having said that, Amir Khan has tried to give a sincere performance shedding every star attribute.

Krithi Malhotra – The Enchanted

She is a newly wed who is trying to fit into Mumbai. She is initially totally enchanted by Mumbai. Her character is preparing Video dairies to post them to her brother. We go through her journey from excitement to awe  to loneliness to depression. We see Mumbai in her amateurish camera and it was wonderful. It’s hard to believe that she is not an actor but a costume director and fashionista in real life. It seems she is a very camera-shy person and to be a part of this movie in tapes is ironic to say the least. A perfect cast , We could feel her feeling in her eyes. The amateurish camera work does wonders in making the feel of the movie totally unconventional but making it more the REAL.

Monica Dogra : The consumed

She is a NRI on sabbatical. Her character named Shai is an investment banker who is trying to catch a breather in the dirt of Mumbai. Again i cannot say this enough that she is a perfect cast. In real life Monica is a lead singer in a some rock band and also a composer. She makes total justice to the character and it a treat to watch her on-screen. I loved watching her in every frame. On her first meeting with Amir, she is totally consumed by his love, so much that she resorts to a healthy stalking. She cannot get over the one night stand. I loved the way she treats dhobi.  In a scene when she asks her maid to get 2 cups of tea, Her maid gets one in a mug for her and another is a small glass for the Dhobi, When Shai notices this, she picks up that small glass. I loved the way the scene is treated. She is full of life and has a lovely screen presence. She is indeed a NRi in real life it seems and I loved her expressions, There is a moment in the movie where she eyes Mr.Babbar while shooting him, I am waiting to download this movie and see that moment again and again. The black and white pics she clicks are a treat to watch.

Mr.Babbar – The Dhobi

I saved the best for the last. Mr.Babbar no doubt is the heart of this movie. He plays the central character of a Dhobi by day and believe it or not, a Rat Killer at night. I didn’t know such a profession even existed. He is a bit of an aspiring actor and a Salman worshiper too somewhere in between. He got completely under the skin of the character. His body language, language, the way he walks, the way he sits right down to his posture. There are so many scenes which proves his mettle. I particularly loved the climax scene where he chases Shai’s car and the scene after that. I think this dude has a long way to go, may not be in commercial movies but more of off beat movies like his mum. I still remember his line from ‘jaane tu ya jaane na’ , when he says to Genelia- Thumhara Ghar thumhara bum.

I will try not to sound like some psedo-intelectual here.As I saw it, There is not much of a story in this movie. It’s just inter tangled incidents that happened in a span of few days. It’s about life in Mumbai on how you are always in a state of transition. Everybody is trying to have something more in their life which they might not achieve. At the end of the day after everything they have been through, They just move on.


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I used to be a Hrithik Roshan fan and I was very much looking forward for this movie. My expectations were terribly lowered when I read the reviews. The various reviews kinda killed my desire to see this movie on big-screen. My bachi-kuchi Hrithik loyalty pushed me to get a pirated DVD of the movie and give it a try. The Tag line of this movie was “Fall back in love with life”. Hrithik gave press statements that his character in ‘Guzaarish’ is the biggest superhero. He learnt how to live life after playing this role. Even with low expectations, I still had a vague idea on how the movie should be.
When I finished this movie, I was wondering if Hrithik and Sanjay Leela Bansali were talking about this movie which I saw or if the pirated movie had a pirated story/plot. This was one of the most boring movie I had ever seen. It’s a tragedy that  SLB can command the best of resources in Bollywood including all-important finance and still come up with insipid plots with gloss and razzle dazzle trying to compensate for utter lack of content. It’s unbelievable that SLB charged 25 Crore fee for this movie which is having a total budget of 80 Crore. Whats more unbelievable that somebody is actually ready to pay him 25 Crore!!  To say the least, some of the supposedly best scenes of the movie are ‘inspired’ from foreign movies. The core idea is from some spanish movie “The Sea inside” , The house-fly on nose scene from ” The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”.  Anyway, Overlooking everything I have said so far, Let me tell you why the movie is pricking me so much  and yeah.. “Spoiler Alert Ahead”.
Hrithik is a world-phamous Magician who meets with an accident during one of his act. He becomes a “quadriplegic”, that is he cannot feel anything from below his neck. When the movie starts he already is a celebrity, Despite of being a quadriplegic, He has lived his life in dignity for 14 years. He is ‘supposed’ to be an inspiration to all the other ppl with this condition, He writes an inspirational book and becomes a Hero to more ppl who suffer depression in life. On his radio show, he inspires ppl to live, They show a person who changed his mind from suicide after he had conversation with our Hero.So far so good. One fine day our hero wants to Die. This person who is an inspiration to other ppl wants to die. The only question that any person with common sense would think is ‘WHY” , If he has survived this condition for 14 years and is living with dignity, why the sudden urge to Die. To be honest , The only reason I watched the whole movie was to find the answer to this question. This question was not answered and I didn’t see the point of the whole movie. Hero files a petition for mercy death and its dismissed by the court. He then launches a segment on his Radio show to get support for his death petition. Naturally, he being an inspiration to others, he doesn’t get a single supporter. Now.. If only Mr.Director could let our Hero explain or at-least try to convince why he has decided to die. alas, he just smiles! With all this going on we come to know that Hero’s mum is alive. How a mother can leave her son alone in this condition just beats me. At least she should have come when his petition to die becomes a talk-show topic. Our Hero appeals in the court again for Mercy death , SLB tries to show us as if our Hero is going out of his house for the first time in 14 years. To  say the least, This to me was very funny. In the initial part of the movie , hero was shown making inspirational speeches at schools during his book release and all. Now our Director forgets everything and tries to paint a picture like our Hero was trapped in this house for 14 years. This kinda kills the idea that our Hero lead a dignified life for 14 years.SLB is suddenly trying to victimize our Hero. His lawyer explains in the court that it was too difficult for our Hero to come out of his house! To be honest, He didn’t even make an effort to move his toe, for gods sake, He is a vegetable already! He cannot move a toe. This lack of attention to details makes this movie silly. The court scene is moved to Hero’s Mansion and his lawyer kills all the arguments of the defense lawyer. This doesn’t impress the Judge at all!! If the judge just wanted to pass a judgement whats the point of this court scene. The judge finally asks our Hero to make his point. This was potentially the most powerful scene of the movie and if our Hero had made a valid point here, I would have not hated this movie as much. Alas, Hero doesn’t thinks outside the box,He only thinks inside the box.
I will not even go into the allegedly romance between the leads, I was least interested in that. The Magical flashbacks were good but didnt help, The plot of his student again didn’t help. Most part of the movie, I didn’t care what was going on. I didn’t feel for the characters, the audience never feels the pain of this Hero. I still don’t understand during which part of the movie the audience will ‘fall back in love with life’. If not Aishwarya, I would have loved to kill this Hero way before and end this movie before the interval 🙂
An ending note, If anybody wants to see a movie on this genre, I would highly recommend ‘My sister Keeper’. This movie is about a 13-year-old girl who sues her parents for medical  emancipation. That is, The little girl is expected to donate her kidney to her sister suffering from leukemia, She sues her parents that they are making her donate that against her will. This is one of the most sensitive and well-made and touching movie I have ever seen. You care so much for the characters that unless you are a robot, it will move you to tears.

Kooky Kidnap..

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Just back from the movie. The movie is so ridiculously silly that it doesnt even deserve a single line of my ridiculing comment. All I have to say is that I wish that I was ‘kidnap’ed by some alien on my way to this movie and spared from seeing this today.

I still recommend ppl to see this movie as it promises many laughs(for wrong reasons). Not worth seeing with your BF/GF in a Mux. It will be a fun time watching this movie in a group renting a pirated CD/DVD.

No Smoking – No kidding..

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If you are trying to quit smoking, Pls DONT see ‘no smoking’ , It will inspire even the non-smokers to smoke. It was a pain veiwing this movie and hence i will not do any re-view! I was baffled to see the movie. Throughout the movie, I was hoping that it would have a good climax and it would all make sense. But the director had other ideas. I was hoping that he would tie all loose ends, but he took a huge electronic saw and cut everything that was tied till now!! After the movie, I was shocked on what the hell was the director trying to tell, I went on to some website and finally got hold of directors ‘justification’ of the movie. In one word, Its a ‘metaphor’. He is tellin a story where John is a soul, smoking signifies freedom and paresh is a opression from society( read censorship). The movie now made some sense to me but not enough for me to say its good.

In india , Movie is just entertainment and is not art. I do agree that there are many artists around but still in general , movies are made for audience and every director prays that ppl like it, Thus making it a business too. This isnt a bad thing. Now, Let me tell you why i told that movie isnt much of art, Let me get you an analogy of painting. ‘No smoking’ is a like a abstract mordern art and the conventional movies are the traditional painting having a theme , paints and more importantly making sense. As in any abstract mordern art. Its just painters expression, Its by him for him. People’s opinion doesnt matter to him. There are some genuine ppl and some pretentious ppl who admire this stuff. They try to understand and try to derive their own version of the painting( even if its hung upside down or for that matter an empty frame without any painting) I confess that i am not that kinda intellect who genuinely puts an effort to understand all this.In simpler words, I dont like it.

No smoking is a metaphor of directors struggle for freedom from censorship ( issues he had with other movies like black friday). Its how he tried to get freedom, How it was all around him, How other ppl give into the system and how in the end the soul is taken away. But honestly, it didnt make any sense, It was too much to think about and relate to. The director justifies that he wanted ppl to think, which i disagree with. I have seen many movies, which have made me think. I think with the movie and about the movie but the director shouldnt make us struggle thinking to understand the movie!

This is no review of any movie , just a general take on movies in general with ‘no smkoing’ as context. Also, I havent given out the plt/story or anything( Some may argue, they dont exist for this movie). But for an average movie goer, who likes to spend some time getting entertained, likes to spend sometime with his gal or with his friends, this isnt recommended.

As you can understand i was very jobless while writing all this stuff. And if you have nothing else to do and very desperate to see `ANY` movie, See something else , see some movie you liked once again or even a regional movie , the language of which you dont understand but , not this.