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2012: Through the looking glass

Posted in My-Year-End on December 31, 2012 by prajwalpai

Here Goes 2012! The most discussed year in the recent history! If you are reading this blog that would mean the world still exists.

The award goes to!

And the award goes to....

And the award goes to….

 I cannot imagine starting this blog with anything other than my wedding. This was and will remain the most important year of my life. The first four months of this year were spent waiting for April 6th to arrive. I got married on Good Friday this year and the rest of the year still feels like a Honeymoon. Deepti is taking a break in her career and so I am getting her full attention 24X7. We have had few arguments but the ship has been steadily sailing barring few turbulent situations. In the last few months we have transformed into a mature couple who understand each other completely at a deeper level. I will keep this aside for a different blog else I will just go on writing pages.

Longest Drive!

This year was the happiest year for my Car(which was in depression last year as per Sethu). The Goa trip in March was a trip to remember and also marked my last trip as a bachelor.

The 1000KM route

The 1000KM route

 The next trip was my Honeymoon trip which spanned over a 1000Km-from B’lore -> Mysore -> Wayanad -> M’lore and back to B’lore. The stay in Mysore was wonderful , the drive through Bandipur was mystically scenic, the stay in Wayanad was serene and the 70foot tree house was not as peaceful as we expected, thanks to the noisy monkeys.

My first year of marriage got me to travel to Mangalore multiple times. Travelling with family invariably meant a lot of temple visits in and around Mangalore and Udupi. I had a long family trip to Goa and Ankola too.The final few months has been spent attending lot of marriages and engagements. The last few months has been marked with some event. The drive to Kerala and Salem was fun. The last trip of the year was attending Rahul’s marriage and it was an excillarating drive. I see this trend to spill over in the next year too.

Glass half Full!

Rahul-Keerthana's wedding

Rahul-Keerthana’s wedding

This year saw many wedding of 114 members. Subbu is the last man standing in 114 now. A supposedly last session of AmBar too commemorated its closure. We can see this as either people decreasing in 114 or we can actually see many more members joining the conceptual 114. Rahul’s wedding did see a huge attendance of couples and this number will only increase in the coming time with few more marriages on the cards. A lot of newly wed couple means a lot of excitement in the air.Deepti and I were discussing that this picture above has 7 couples who are more newly wed than us. In office too 4 out of 5 in my team are recently wed.


How can we not talk of the doomsday prophecies  that we reluctantly waited for the inevitable Dec 22. A bombardment of Doomsday news on TV and why do the experts think the world will end. Me and Deepti constantly argued on what would happen. The day has passed and we exist, we live to die another day. All these doomsday conspiracies at-least made us realize that end can come in a variety of ways. We should at-least use each opportunity to celebrate our life in the smallest of moments. All these years we at-least thought that we have time till 2012 , till the conspiracy theorist come up with the next doomsday date, we never know when this will all end.

The year end

The year-end is the time to introspect and kick-start new things so that I start my new year on a high note. I look back into this year and I see I have only published 3 blogs and I want to make it a rule to at least publish one blog every month, beginning next year. I am feeling out of touch writing this blog and feel my creative brain cells fall into endangered species. I have also not read many books this year and feel that I have learnt nothing new on a Technical side too. I am a classic procrastinator making some new year resolutions but I thought I shouldn’t procrastinate on this. To populate my brain cells, I thought the year-end free time was the best time.
In this week, I am writing this blog , I have finished a book and I have finished a tutorial on a new technical topic. I am feeling happy already and I have planned new things already for the coming weeks.

The year ahead:

The new year comes every time with a lot of promises. Every year we keep waiting for excuses to celebrate some day. With Deepti I have doubled the days to celebrate this year. The calendar may be a man-made concept for the sake of records but we always need to end something to start afresh. A fresh year provides us with fresh opportunities, lets celebrate the end of an old year and gear up for the new year. Like I say every year,

Let’s clank our glasses for 2012.

Cheers and Happy New Year!!!


2011 : Through the looking glass

Posted in My-Year-End on December 31, 2011 by prajwalpai

Here comes 2012! The most anticipated year in the history of mankind, at-least the existing mankind. Before we go into what might be the last year of our lives, I wanna sit back and have a look into the year that just flew by. I love my last years blog – “2010 : Through the looking glass” and hence I intend to make this a regular feature.

Year of Contrasts
If I were to give a title which could completely translate how was my journey of life through the year 2011, it has to be ‘A year of contrasts“. At one time during this year I was literally at a peak and thinking life can’t get better and in few days from that I hit an emotional rock bottom and was left thinking that life can’t get worse. This was the year I realised how deeply I can connect with a stranger and in few days I realised how much deeply I can disconnect from a beloved and move on. This was the year I understood what true love is and ironically I realised what isn’t true love too. This year was filled with things that I wanna remember forever like moving into my new house and getting engaged to Deepti and this year also has few months which are erased from my memory forever. On a lighter note, this was the year I went insomniac few months back and at the same time Deepti is complaining that I now have Hypersomnia.

Year of Realizations
This was a year I did a lot of thinking and I understood myself better as a person. I understood what kinda of an emotional self-defense I have. I realised that I am more of a positive and optimistic person than what I thought I was. I now know that I have a strong heart capable of taking a few hits but a stronger brain capable of healing the heart. I needed my time in my cocoon and I came out of it as a different person. I didn’t stop believing.
I realised, everything happens for a reason.
I realised, that happiness is a state of mind and we can choose to be happy. Some people choose Happiness out of a grand buffet but some people fail to choose happiness even when it’s served on a silver platter.
I realised, that things might happen which are purely beyond our circle of influence, but our response definitely is.
I realised, that the opposite of love is not hate, its apathy, when u simply don’t bother about that person!
I realised, that Love is but a transient feeling, and this feeling would fade with time and with one’s mood. If the so-called loved one leaves us,we should be patient, time will wash away our aches and sadness. We shouldn’t over exaggerate the beauty and sweetness of love, and not over exaggerate the sadness of falling out of love.
I realised, sometimes things have to fall apart to make room for better things!
The most important thing that I have realised is that there is a huge difference between giving up and letting go and I realised that I know when to let go of something.

Year of Friends

Friends have a way of helping you ‘move on’ , even if it’s as simple as changing the subject.

This year too, had its share of trips and outing. My first outing was my first long drive on my car with a huge gang with many new faces. Dandeli trip was the first time I drove long distances and it was sheer pleasure to drive outside the mess known as Bangalore traffic. A lot of pseudo-adventure activities like kayaking, river crossing and natural Jacuzzi was part of this refreshing trip.

The other major trek of the year was the leech-infected Kodachadri, The most perfectly executed and planned trip I have been on so far. A lot of social activities happened like the reunion stuff when Don came down to Bangalore. Even the office crowd had a small outing to Manchinbele Dam.

Friends have been my the constant of my life from the last few years. Vinisha coming back from Italy was one of the most happiest thing for me. She is a blessed soul with patience to listen to my rambling for any length of time. I stopped being in contact with many of my old friends but made new good friends too.

Overall its been a very very positive year as its ending with a new BFF Deepti.

The beginning of the End!
The much awaited 2012 is finally here!

There are a hundred conspiracy theories which suggests that doomsday is arriving. The only constant certainty is: Death comes for us all. I don’t believe that the world might end this year but I wouldn’t completely deny with certainty that the world will not end this year.

Lets for a moment think what is that most important thing we would do if this year was indeed the last year of our life. How would we take care of our loved ones if we only had few days to show our love?

Imagine that you are jumping off a cliff , How would you prefer your jump to be? Would you prefer jumping forward face down and knowing the exact moment when it’s all gonna end? or would you prefer jump backwards and enjoy the view of the sky till it all abruptly ends. I prefer to enjoy the view and make each day count.

The beginning of the beginning!

With every ending, starts a new beginning.  A new year with new hopes and I am entering a new phase of my life in couple of months.  I believe that if two people care enough for each other, the rest of the world disappears to them. I feel that way when I’m with Deepti and  I am getting married to her on April 6th this year. Hoping the year 2012 will have many more unforgettable moments for me all wish the same to all of my friends.

Let’s clank our glasses for 2011.

Cheers and Happy New Year!!!

2010 : Through the looking glass

Posted in My-Year-End on December 31, 2010 by prajwalpai

So as we prepare to bid farewell to 2010 and usher in the New Year I want to look back over the last 12 months. It’s the last day of 2010 and I’ve been looking back through the bloggy archives remembering the year. I’ve always loved that I can go back through old posts and its kind of like a diary showing me where I was and what I was up to. To say the year was eventful would be a gross understatement, I have crossed many milestones of my life in this year. Most of them unplanned I think.  I think it’s a norm to do a month by month summary of some of my favorite moments of the year, But being a wannabe iconoclast, I restrain myself from doing that.

Cisco : 2010 started with a career switch. I started my journey at Cisco on Jan 4th. I am about to complete a year in Cisco next week and I have loved every moment so far. Fortunate again to work with some best ppl and making lots of new friends here. Looking forward for a long journey here.

My i20 : I bought my first Car this year. Thanks to a lot of R and D and test drives of possibly every car by Sethu, I narrowed down to i20 as my choice. My parents long time dream to own a car became a reality. Only one medium long drive so far, Looking forward to many long drives on my car in years to come.

Leaving 114 : Moving out of 114 was one of not-so-happy things on this year but I would say that friendship is beyond the bounds of a house. I still have an identity of 114 boy , I still have membership of 114 group on FB and what more a spare key to 114. I do visit 114 at-least once a month for my haircut(LOL)

Bye Bye Shimoga : After years of thought, my Dad decided to sell off our Shimoga house this year. Moving from Shimoga winding up everything was one of the low point of the year for my parents. I have spent a significant amount of my life in that home and I still call that my home. I visited my shimoga home couple of times after we gave it away. I still ask my friends to check on that place. Making so many relatives sad and bidding them a good-bye with moist eyes are the memories etched forever.

Being Bangalorean : After a year and half of persuasion , My parents moved to Bangalore this year. This must be one of the best time of their life to see all their kids living so close-by. My sis and her kids are living next door and my Bro and his family stays a couple of mins away. After they moved to Bangalore, We have celebrated all the festivals in a huge festive mood and we have spent so much time together as a family. So if somebody asks me now, ‘where are you from?’ , I answer them, Shim….Err….Bengaluru.

Hello Cuties!! One of the most happiest moment of this year or may be my life. My cute nieces moved to Bangalore and what more they are literally my next door neighbors. I had got fed up of seeing them in pictures. They used to visit shimoga once a year or something. Now they are my next door neighbors and I am loving clicking their pics and videos. It’s such a nice age to see them grow.

Travel : I traveled a bit this year. It’s not the destination that matters but the journey. We went to Kanyakumari. It was one of the best drive to the southern trip of India. I went to Chickmagalur and I saw the house where I had spent my childhood. I will always cherish my trip to Goa with the 114 gang. The Hyderabad trip was memorable too. I went alone   couple of times to Goa as pilgrimage to temple. I went on not to long drive to Ghati subrahmanya on my Car with my family. The last trip of this year was a full family trip to Vellore Golden Temple.

Wedding Season : Three of my best friends Venki, Nagi and Sumanth got married this year. There were a lot many marriages this year and attending them with the gang have accumulated many wonderful memories. I wish all those couple a lifetime of happiness. I expect 2011 to continue on this trend , at-least 2 guys from my team are gonna get married. I expect more profile pictures on FB turning from single face to a couple snap.

Namma Mane : After a bit of house hunt ,  I have finally found ‘the one’ place I would be soon calling ‘Home’. This happened by kinda accident, but I was super happy with the house. I have booked this apartment and have the legal documents now, Have given those documents to a lawyer for a legal opinion. If everything goes well, I would be signing on the dotted line soon.

So there it is, A few hours left in this year now. With every ending, starts a new beginning. Hoping the year 2011 will have many more memorable moments and many more milestones crossed.

Let’s clank our glasses for 2011.

Cheers and Happy New Year!!!