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Long time no B

Posted in Uncategorized on September 19, 2008 by prajwalpai

It’s been real long time since I did some Blogging. I had reached a stage when I used to have a entry ready for my next blog. What happened in between then and now is this BLOG.

 Archaeological findings:

 I have always had some person in my life who complemented my brain waves. A person with whom i shared my thoughts and my excitements. I was blessed to have many such ppl around me most of the time. I used to tell them everything from the most mundane thing that happened to me to some life changing events. Over time my circle narrowed from many such ppl to few such ppl. And from few ppl to a handful of ppl gradually. The turn of events lead to the circle becoming a fixed single point outside me. I used to share everything with this point. Then came a time when this point got erased from my life. I had lost the bond with my old buddies and with this point erased now, I was piling up my thoughts with nobody to talk to. It took time for me to move on in my life, to let go of that point and to gradually look for the old feeble point on the circumference of my circles.

 Some history lessons :

 This phase was when I stumbled into blogs. I was doing many things and I had nobody to tell my comments on them, nobody to tell how excited I was, and nobody to tell how sad I was or how happy I was at any time. Many thoughts had piled up in me and I was like a gossiping housewife with some red hot news but have lost her voice. I exploded with blogs. I wrote many private blogs which I didn’t publish and I think have deleted all of them too by now. I found some medium of expression; I found a duct to vent out my thoughts. My public blogs wouldn’t give a complete picture of what all I had to say but I found out that writing down your thoughts really does wonders to you. Our thoughts are very random and its very natural for the train of thoughts to get derailed or just abruptly change destination. With blogs we learn to canalize our thoughts and keep them continuous and more organised. Organised thinking makes you wonder why you didn’t think of this before!!

 Latest scientific discoveries:

 Latest news is I have found a better way to vent out my thoughts. I have redrawn my circle of friends and I talk to them more often. I have made some new friends who really care about me. Let me use the analogy I had seen in American pie, off course in a different context. Blog is like playing tennis with a wall alone, It might give you satisfaction of playing tennis but doesn’t give the joy of winning or losing or joy of playing or learning new and improving yourself. A two way talk with a person does wonders when you are having a quality talk with a person who understands you.

 God bless my friends. Amen


“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference”

Posted in Uncategorized on June 27, 2008 by prajwalpai

I just was very intrigued by the above quote today which I stumbled on.  Can It be more true?  The worst way to treat a person is to ignore his existence. If you hate him, You still acknowledge his existence, which still is better than being indifferent to him.

If you start ignoring a person, Thats the worst thing you can do for your relation.  The relation no more exists to be more harmed than it already is.

A management Fiasco!!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 29, 2008 by prajwalpai


I had most of my friends pleading me not to go with a package tour but i didnt heed their advice. I asked myself, ‘How bad can it be?’. Well, I got my answer and read on and you will know what i am talking bout.

I came across some package tour called ‘Source for needs’. The name didnt make sense but anyway I glanced through the itenary which impressed me.
• Keukenhof Garden (Tulip)   – Garden was closed as per our organiser which we came to know only next day
• Madurodam Model Village  – We managed to see this in an hour, the only productive thing we did on first day
• Vole dam fishing village  – Many were Vegetarians so we skipped fishing
• Amsterdam canal cruise – We had no time for this
• Zaanse Schans – We were too late for this

• City of Brussels – Well.. We did go to this city
• Manneken Pis Statue – We saw this kid too
• Atomium – This is too boring to spend time as per organiser and we had no time

• Disneyland  – This was was the best part of tour, Some people opted out frustrated by our organiser
• Night in Paris – I did manage a night out at paris, Let me not go into details
• Eiffel Tower & City tour of Paris – Does driving around qualify to be called a tour, you decide


I will not go into details on what all happend during the tour, but I will only tell you what not to expect from this tour. A detailed blog on most of the events can be found here.

1. The Bus was to start from Honslow at 09:00
– Dont expect it to start on time. It will only move by 11:30

2. You are located in East Ham, The bus will pickup some group members from East ham.
– Dont expect it to pick you up unless you pay then 15£ extra. You have to go to Honslow

3. The Itenary mentions of breakfast and dinner
– Dont expect anything good. you have to eat what they give you, even if that means a stale food packed from London on first day.

4. Driver needs 9 hour break at night
– This is fine, But dont expect the organiser to know about this. He will ask you to be ready and make you wait for an hour in bus waiting for driver. Its the same driver even in last trip but the organiser dont know bout this break stuff.

5. Make it to all places
– Dont expect organisers to know basic Maths. The accomodation is 2 hours away from amstredam and dont expect organiser to count this 4 hours up and down in any plan. To make up for this, skip all the places you were about to see. Its easiest way to make up for lost time, Aint it?

6. A day has only 24 hours in Europe
– Yeah.. Dont expect the organisers to know this. Even with all the delays and accomodation being 2 hours for the city, They will tell that it was the groups mistake that we were not able to cover the places. The one hour we delayed will cause exponential delay chain reaction.

7. A tourist spot is closed
– You didnt know that , how can you expect the organiser to knwo that? Is it his job to check before hand any info on all the spots we visit? Nope..

8. A visit is cancelled
– Dont expect organiser to inform you. You didnt see Tulip Garden? When you move on to next city, you already know this. Dont you? Do you expect Organiser to tell you everything? That’s not fair.

9. Itenary mentions of Atomium
– Well, We did see the gate of this place. The last batch who visited this told that it was boring so its no use seeing this. And if we see this, We willnot get food in Paris. Yeah.. If you have been to Atomium, The hotels of paris will not serve you any food.

10. A hotel with private facilities
– This is the best! The organiser went out of their way to make these facilities as private as possible. Each person, Even the married couple were given their own induvidual seperate private bed. What more do you expect? Yeah, the room didnt have a toilet but they were strategically located in a comman area. Only one person could enter the loo , Isnt that private enough?

11. You are on time and No assembly point is mentioned.
– You are expected to find your bus even if its located some 2 blocks across. Dont expect the organiser to inform on this. Yeah, There are 2 organisers, Dont expect one to stay back and wait for you. Agreed, they are organisers but even they have to enjoy their trip right? How can you expect them to be responsible?

12. They Spot atlast!
– You are lost from the group. you dont have your document, You dont have address of hotel, you dont know the language. After 3 hours of traumatic experiance, you manage to find the group. DOnt expect them to stop the bus for you!! How can they stop bus in middle of an empty road at 01:30 in the night? This is Paris! they cant do it. They cant take a turn and pull over at the parking space! This is paris, You will be penalised if you pull over for 10 secs.

13. Second time lucky
– You found them once, You should be able to find them again, even if that means 3-4 more hours.

14. They leave you behind!
– Dont expect an apology even if they strand you in a alien city. It wasnt their fault. The Driver spots us and it skips out of his mind to stop bus for the stranded passengers, Dont expect the Organiser to remind him.

15. Its not possible!
Dont expect everything the itenary says! The organiser will shout at you that its not possible for anyone on earth for any organiser to do everything mentioned in the itenary! Well, Define Itenary again for me please!


Lost in Lost

Posted in Uncategorized on May 14, 2008 by prajwalpai
My all time favorite show on the idiot box is Seinfeld and next comes very close to it f.r.i.e.n.d.s. There was actually nothing else which even came close to these two untill recently. One of my friends friend happened to have a couple of seasons of a TV series called ‘Lost’. I happened to have some 600GB free in my hard disk and so i told him ‘why not’. It was sitting quietly in my hard disk for some 2 months. Last week, I had nothing much to do and TV was as idiotic as ever, I found this ‘Lost’. I had heard of this a lot before but never had i seen any episode of this. I knew that it had won many awards and a lot of hype was created around this, sO i decided to give it a go.
I was totally Lost in Lost! I was soo much gripped into this lost that i couldnt get a grip of myself. It took me just a weekend to finish off the first season, having 24 episodes each of 1 hour length. I was not at home on Saturday , so you might realise the shocking fact that i finished it in just a day!!
The plot, the characters, the script , the thrill , the suspense, the intensity , the drama everything at its best!!! I actually cannot even give out the plot in brief, but i will try , A flight crashes onto an island and the passengers are stranded. Well…. They are LOST! The island, shown as some supernatural entity by itself is believed to have a civilisation of its own, termed as ‘others’ by the survivers. Throughout the series, We are shown of an insight into each of the characters life beyond the island. We realise that its a small world, I am sure that by the end of all the series , we will know each of the character is linked to each other in some mysterious way. It has the mystery element, the lost and found formula of old hindi movies , a dramatic ending for each episode like our own Ekta Kapoor soaps, a constant battle of Science and faith. It even has concepts of time travel , it has got it all!
I finished the second season today, It took me 3 sleepless nights to finish this 23 episode series, but worth every minute i spent. I have 2 more seasons in queue. The worst part is that the series finale is supposed to be in May 2010, Can you imagine? All the answers will be answered in a dramatic finale about 2 years from now. This tells me that a lot more plots are going to be introduced and lot more questions.
The suspense is the best part of the series. Its unpredictability is what stumped me. You can NEVER and i mean NEVER predict whats happening next minute. I have seen nothing soo unpredictable any time before and being so interresting at same time. The next part was the depth this series has, It actually teaches a lot of things in a subtle sub concious level. It teaches that sometimes you have to let go of peaple you love, It teaches that you shouldnt be too hard on yourself and have to move on from the mistakes. The main thing it teaches is ‘HOPE’ ,cause when you are LOST, all you have is hope.
It actually shows that each of the character have actually ‘found’ themselves by being ‘lost’ in the island.




Seinfeld – Its all about Nothing!

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Jerry Seinfeld and Calvin are my favorites. I have always believed that if Bill Watterson had allowed Calvin to grow up, He would have turned out to be Seinfeld! 🙂 Anyway, Here are some of the best stuff from Seinfeld show, The show about nothing! This is an expurgated version of some of my favorite Seinfeld monologues. Enjoy Madi..

 THe Finger!!

JERRY: So I move into the centre lane, now I get ahead of this women, who felt for some reason I guess, that she thought that I cut her off. So, she pulls up along side of me, gives me…”the finger”. It seems like such an… arbitrary, ridiculous thing to just pick a finger and you show it to the person. It’s a finger, what does it mean? Someone shows me one of their fingers and I’m supposed to feel bad. Is that the way it’s supposed to work? I mean, you could just give someone the toe, really, couldn’t you? I would feel worse if I got the toe, than if I got the finger. ‘Cause it’s not easy to give someone the toe, you’ve gotta get the shoe off, the sock of and drive, get it up and uh [pretends to drive with one foot in the air and speaks to person driving next to him] look at that toe, buddy. [puts his foot down] I mean, that’s really insulting to get the toe, isn’t it ?

SuperSense of Humour

[Setting: Coffee Shop] JERRY: I think Superman probably has a very good sense of humor.

GEORGE: I never heard him say anything really funny.

JERRY: But it’s common sense. He’s got super strength, super speed.. I’m sure he’s got super humour.

GEORGE: You would think that, but either you’re born with a sense of humor, or you’re not. It’s not going to change even if you go from the red sun of Krypton all the way to the yellow sun of the Earth.

JERRY: Why? Why would that one area of his mind not be affected by the yellow sun of Earth?

GEORGE: I don’t know but he ain’t funny.

The Soda

The bad thing about television is that everybody you see on television is doing something better than what you’re doing. Did you ever see anybody on TV like just sliding off the front of the sofa with potato chip crumbs on their face? Some people have a little too much fun on television: the soda commercial people – where do they summon this enthusiasm? Have you seen them? “We have soda, we have soda, we have soda”, jumping, laughing, flying through the air – it’s a can of soda. Have you ever been standing there and you’re watching TV and you’re drinking the exact same product that they’re advertising right there on TV, and it’s like, you know, they’re spiking volleyballs, jetskiing, girls in bikinis and I’m standing there – “Maybe I’m putting too much ice in mine.”

Best Doctor :

Every time somebody recommends a doctor, he’s always the best. “Oh, is he good?” “Oh, he’s the best. This guy’s the best.” They can’t all be the best. There can’t be this many bests. Someone’s graduating at the bottom of these classes, where are these doctors? Is somewhere, someone saying to their friend, “You should see my doctor, he’s the worst. Oh yeah, he’s the worst, he’s the absolute worst there is. Whatever you’ve got, it’ll be worse after you see him. He’s just, he’s a butcher. The man’s a butcher.”? And then there’s always that, “Make sure that you tell him that, you know, you know me.” Why? What’s the difference? He’s a doctor. What is it, “Oh, you know Bob! Okay, I’ll give you the real medicine. Everybody else, I’m giving Tic-Tacs.”


The thing I don’t understand about the suicide person is the people who try and commit suicide for some reason they don’t die and that’s it. They stop trying. Why? Why don’t they just keep trying? What has changed? Is their life any better now? No. In fact it’s worse because now they’ve found out one more thing you stink at. Okay, that’s why these people don’t succeed in life to begin with. Because they give up too easy. I saw, pills don’t work, try a rope. Car won’t start in the garage, get a tune up. You know what I mean? There’s nothing more rewarding than reaching a goal you have set for yourself.

 Keys to plane!

I like planes. I was on a plane the other day and I was wondering – are there keys to the plane? Do they need keys to start the plane? Maybe that’s what those delays on the ground are sometimes. When you’re just sitting there at the gate, maybe the pilot’s just up there in the cockpit going <mimics looking for keys> “Oh, I don’t believe this. Oh my god…I did it again.” They tell you it’s something mechanical, because they don’t want to come on the PA system…”Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be delayed here on the ground for a little while, I uh…Oh God, this is so embarrassing…I – I left the keys to the plane in my apartment.” You see the technicians all running underneath the plane; you think they’re servicing it, but they’re actually looking for the magnet “hide-a-key” under the wing…”maybe he left it up there somewhere…”

Chalk outline!

There are many different job in the police. It seems to me, that the chalk outline guy is one of the better jobs that you can get. You know it’s not dangerous, the criminals are long gone, that seems like a good one. I don’t know who they are, I guess they’re people who wanted to be a sketch artists, but they couldn’t draw too well…”listen Johnson, forget the sketches. Do you think if we left a dead body right there on the sidewalk, you could manage to trace around it? Could you do that?”. I don’t even know how it helps to solve the crime? You know, they look at the thing on the ground…”aah his arm was like that when he hit the pavement. That means the killer must’ve been Jim.”


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of pretending to be excited every time it’s somebody’s birthday, you know what I mean? What is the big deal? How many times do we have to celebrate that someone was born? Every year, over and over… All you did was not die for twelve months. That’s all you’ve done, as far as I can tell.

Fear of speech!

JERRY: To me, the whole concept of fear of success is proof that we are definitely scraping the bottom of the fear barrel. Are we gonna have to have AA-type meetings for these people? They’ll go: “Hi, my name is Bill, and the one thing I’m worried about is to have a stereo and a cream-colored couch.” According to most studies, people’s number-one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. *Death* is number two! Now, this means to the average person, if you have to go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.

The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree certainly seems to inspire a love/hate relationship. All that time is spent selecting it and decorating it, and then a week after it’s just thrown somewhere, you see it by the side of the road, it looks like a mob hit. A car slows down, a door opens and this tree just rolls out. People snap out of that Christmas spirit like it was a drunken stupor, they just wake up one morning and go, “Oh my god, there’s a tree inside the house! Just throw it anywhere!

Silver Medal 

I always feel bad for the silver medal winner in the Olympics.How do you live with that the rest of your life? People are gonna keep asking: – How much did you lose by? – I don’t even know…! It was like…(very fast)… like, like……!It was it…! Eh, it was it and I lost. I trained, I worked out, I exercised, I did everything,I was doing push-ups, sit-ups, I never did anything but exercise and work out for 20 years, I flew half way around the world and aaaaaaaaaah!…(showing a tiny distance between his index and thumb) And that was…it was a photo-finish! Silver…(stretching his neck forward)…gold. If I had a pimple, I would’ve won.

Silver again!

Although I think I have a problem with that silver medal.’Cause when you think about it,you win the gold-you feel good,you win the bronze-you think ‘Well at least I got something’.But when you win that silver it’s like ‘Congratulations,you *almost* won. Of all the losers-you came in first of that group.You’re the number one *loser*. No one lost ahead of you!’


I have a friend, wears eyeglasses, no prescription in the glasses because he thinks it makes him look more intelligent, now why? Why do we think that glasses makes us look more intelligent? Is it from the endless hours of reading and studying and researching that this person supposedly blew out their eyeballs, and that’s why they need the glasses? It’s just a corrective device. If you see someone with a hearing aid, you don’t think, ‘Oh, they must have been listening real good…yeah, to a lot of important stuff…’ No, they are deaf. They can’t hear.


JERRY: (unwrapping a piece of gum) I think gum is, is one of the weirdest human inventions. (pops gum in his mouth) It’s not a liquid, ‘s not a solid, ‘s not a food. What is it? It isn’t really anything, you know. I mean, it’s like a stationary bike for your jaw. Like, remember when you were in school, and teachers would get all riled up if they caught you with gum? And when you were a kid, you’d think ‘What is the big deal?’ But, as an adult, I can understand it, because when you’re chewing gum, you don’t look like you’re too thrilled with anything anyone has to say. (as sarcastic teen) ‘Oh, World War Two. That was an important historical event? Yeah, I’m sure.’ ‘They landed a man on the moon, nineteen sixty-nine? Yeah, right. Yeah, I buy that, teach.’



An Epitaph for my memories

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I wish..

Sometimes.. I wish i was not so stupid to do such a mistake, I wish she was stupid enough to forgive me, I wish she was not so mature to analyse our relation , I wish i was not so immature to overanalyse our relation, I wish i had talked, I wish she had listened, I wish she didnt give up on me, I wish she could come back to me, I wish she wouldnt ignore me, I wish she had treated me with more care than treating me as one of her friend, I wish i didnt have to look for another person to get attention, I wish i hadnt compared myself with others, I wish she would have treated me in a way uncomparable to others, I wish i could expect something from her, I wish i hadnt told that i will not expect anything from her,I wish i had told this long back. I wish I had conviction to start all over again, I wish she had the strength to love me again. Well.. I had my chances to make my wish come true and I made my choices. I only wish now, I didnt cry myself to sleep.

May be…

May be nothing is forever. May be it was meant to be. May be it was our destiny to be apart. May be everything happens for a reason. May be everything happens for the better. May be have to let go.

I hope…

I hope i will be whole again someday!

I’m so sick of love songs

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Could fulfillment ever be felt as deeply as loss? This one thought in the book ‘The Inheritance of Loss’ that had me thinking and thinking. The thought still resonates in me. We take for granted the things,the people we have and never value it. Its only when we lose something, do we realise the loss. The depth of loss is more painfull than anything in the world and most hard part is to get past and move on. We normally take for granted on how much some person can be a part of you, more than any of your own body part. Its only a loss that makes us realise how pathetically dependent you are on another person.

Anyway, you lose some relations and nothing much can be done about past. You need to get over it and move on. Thats the way the cookie crumbles.. What do you do to get over some person? the first thing to do would be ‘to try’ not think of them. Easier said than done. The thought of not to have thoughts of someone part to you is very scary! The smallest of things hurts the most.

You might have got an idea by this time that i am trying to get over a certain close person. I am trying to be ‘Just friends’ with her. I must confess that i am doing a bad job at it. I thought i will altogether stop doing things which might make me think of her and believe me .. Then i have to literally stop doing everything.

I did a cleanup ritual. This was my first time. I did hardware cleanup (Safely locked some stuff given by her or belonging to her). I did software cleanup (Cleanup my Computer, Safely put into a vault(folder with password) all of her photos, vedios and the audios(yeah! I had recorded couple of conversations.. Pathetic me!!). Changed my wallpaper to some cartoon. Took off her snap from my wallet( This isnt in fashion anymore!). Took off her pic from the frame which i had in office(yeah..yeah.. things i do..) All done and still no help at all. After doing all this, I realised that this cleanup helped me in no way all all. I needed no materialistic thing to make me think of her. I just did all this to convince myself that i am putting some effort to get over her. I played a song and my mind suddenly drifted into the past and some thought of ‘her’. Now..This can be tricky.. I have a 750GB hard disk with i dont know how many songs, I have copied some 8GB of my likable songs to Creative Vision M and a selective evergreen playlist of 1.5Gb onto my Nokia Music express. I had a perennial playlist having all the songs on my mobile. Now..Every song made me think of her! I started deleting one by one the songs that in someway made me think of her and Voila!! My playlist was empty!! I was left out with less than 10 songs! I couldnt believe that everysong in my playlist was about love,girl,togetherness or seperation! I was left only with few songs from JhonnyGaddar,RDB and couple of kannada songs. Of all the Bryan Adams songs i had, I am left only with ‘On a day like today’ I felt pathetic! I listen to songs almost all the time. Some 10 songs was never enough to keep me satisfied but i had to be hard on myself. I actually am listening to only one song now which keeps me motivated not to listen to other songs 🙂 The song named:why can’t I turn off the radio? It goes like this…

(It’s ridiculous)
It’s been months for some reason I
(Can’t get over us)
And I’m stronger than this
(Enough is enough)
No more walking ’round with ma head down
I’m so over being blue
Crying over you

And I’m so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing
You were still here
Said I’m so sick of love songs
So sad and slow
So why can’t I turn off the radio?

Gotta fix that callender I had
That’s marked July 23
Cos since there’s no more you
There’s no more anniversery
I’m so fed up of my thoughts of you
And your memories
And now every song reminds me
Of what used to be

That’s the reason I’m
And I’m so sick of love songs
So tierd of tears
So done with wishing
You were still here
Said I’m so sick of love songs
So sad and slow
So why can’t I turn off the radio?

O-o-h (Leave me alone)
Leave me alone (Stupid love song)
Don’t make me think about her smile
Or having my first child
Then lettin go
Turning of the radio

(Chorus x3)
Cos I’m
And I’m so sick of love songs
So tierd of tears
So done with wishing
You were still here
Said I’m so sick of love songs
So sad and slow
So why can’t I turn off the radio?
(So why can’t I turn off the radio?)
Why can’t I turn off the radio?

I will end this blog here… Watch the space, definitely expect more on this.