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Lets save the World!

Posted in ramdom rambling on June 13, 2011 by prajwalpai

“‘Lets save the world” is the most frequently repeated phrase in the TV series ‘Heros’. I had seen this few years back while it was aired on TV, I had liked it but since the second season was being aired, I couldn’t follow it. I got it recently from one of my friend and I got hooked to it. My first impression was this series being a fusion of ‘Lost’ and ‘Harry potter’. These two raw materials being my favorite things, I was hoping the fusion would be something AWESOME! Many of my friends are Lost fanatics, so before I even start to write anything, Heros should not be compared to Lost. Lost is in a league of its own and Heros comes nowhere close to that.  Heros is more wanna-be.  Its like lost cause it is a multi-cast story with all the characters having some common thread to tie them up. the similarities with Harry potter is that common ppl can do extraordinary things and they do that without wearing any special costumes or any capes. The extraordinary ppl living a normal life among normal ppl. The similarity with both Lost and Happy Potter ends there!

The first season of Lost was very gripping as it was capable of generating huge curiosity and excitement. The build up to the finale was amazing! I literally was on the edge of the seat waiting to see if they could ‘save the world’. The finale couldn’t live up to my expectation and was kinda lame that just one simple scene puts an end to some huge hype. The second season still was watchable but by third season the series became very predictable. Every season did have something like ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’ and in every season finale , Hiro Nakamura would just go back in time and save the world.  The predictability is what killed this show i think and I heard that they took this off the air after it lost most of its viewership. It’s hard to create a Lost or a Harry Potter and even Lost couldn’t provide a fitting end itself.

The below parody is the very predictable generic template which the makers used to make each episode I feel. The parody could not be more true than this.