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A lap riding the 3rd rock from Sun

Posted in Blogroll on September 18, 2017 by prajwalpai

IMG_2904“My water broke!” shouted Deepti again at 15 mins to mid night . This had become a drill, her testing our response time and readiness. The hospital bag and diaper bag was ready. We would all rush to her only to realise its a mock drill. Only this time, it was real.

The water breaking scene played in my head borrowing heavily from the movies I had seen. I imagined, Deepti would be shouting and we would all be in a state of panic. The doctor had assured us that it would take hours from water breaking to actual labour. If Bollywood was to be believed, I would carry hot water and a saree too. The scene unravelling in real life couldn’t be more different. Deepti calmly told me what all to carry and she went on to stand in front of the mirror for some eye liner. Deepti’s Dad was still not sure if this was a drill or the real deal. Deepti even found some time to sort out her hair and when everyone was ready, she sounded the battle cry “Lets go have this baby!!

We had no reason to worry as every test and scan had been normal from the first day and Deepti was set for a normal delivery. While driving to the hospital, We talked how this night would be remembered for years to come and how calm we all were unlike what we all had imagined.  Little did we know , things were about to go haywire. The doc had already reached the hospital before us. After some initial tests, Doc came out with a long face and a serious look. Apparently the water breaking and Deepti not feeling any pain was a bad thing. Getting the contractions first and then breaking of water should have been the sequence of events, but no painful contractions was bad news. We had only 24 hours to wait for contractions to happen, or to induce labour . For the first time in duration of pregnancy, our doc contemplated a cesarean delivery. The doc mentioned he would take a call the next day morning at 8. It was not over yet.

 I checked into a room in the hospital where Deepti and baby would eventually shift and tried to catch some sleep. The next morning , the Doc had a more concerned look which set a bit of panic. There were almost no progress and while he had started to induce , the contractions were yet to happen. It was 10 in the morning and Deepti was blabbering something under the influence of induced drugs. The doc with a grim face said that if everything went well, we might have a normal delivery by 18:00 , else we would have to go for a cesarean. The clock was ticking from the moment the water broke and we only had 24 hours since then. The next test was scheduled at 15:00 and we had nothing to do but wait till then. Tick..tock!!

I got a bath and shave and couldn’t contain myself to wait till 15:00 at home. We rushed to hospital at 13:30 with more waiting in mind. to our surprise, there was extreme progress during this time and Deepti was already scheduled to be taken into the delivery room when we arrived. I immediately called FIL and Granny to come to hospital and it was any moment now. If life were a movie, everything would go silent now and a baby’s cry would resonate in the hospital. It happened the exact way but it was somebody else’s baby. I was given an apron and asked to stand next to Deepti. Funnily enough I was given a chair if I choose to faint on the sight of blood.

It was 14:30 when Deepti was taken inside the labour room. I stood next to her holding her hand firmly. I was again imagining all the screaming and pain which she has to endure , courtesy the Bollywood movies. I couldn’t have been more wrong, it was just  2 pushes and we could see the head! After next push, The doc announced that its a BOY! At 14:45 on Sept 18th 2016 , our baby arrived on this planet. He was a 3.3KG bundle of joy looking chubby and perfect with head full of hair. He was nick named ‘Fluffy’ by the nursing staff. Its been a year now, Priyansh has completed an entire revolution around the Sun riding on this 3rd rock from the sun called planet Earth!

Happy First Birthday Priyansh! Priyansh-10



High Five!!

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The date was 11-11-11 and I was bubbling with optimism. I had decided to be happy in life! I don’t remember how the numbers were exchanged but I had just started chatting with a potential life partner. She was an HR and had done due diligence by going through my blog before this conversation. Little did I know then this conversation would change my life forever. The Ice breaker was the common workplace campus location for us in VTV. We soon came to know that we both were living close to JPNagar 15th cross for many years and yet never crossed each other’s path.

I am writing this blog on my 5th wedding anniversary but I am sure I will be reading this multiple times in my lifetime. It’s an occupational hazard for me to have a backup of every communication I ever had and when I read this below chat few months ago, I decided then to capture into a blog. The below chat between Deepti and me has a major part to play in how our relation rapidly developed and the comfort level that we shared in our initial days together. We were almost strangers before this chat and within a span of an hour, we were strangers no more. It was not just the information exchange but the ease of conversation too I guess.

This is a restore and recreation of one of our first chat reproduced verbatim right down to any typo.

The Grey chat bubbles is Deepti and Green chat bubble is me. Here goes…





A lot changed after this conversation. The comfort level was exponentially high , so much so that the next day we made plans to meet. We met the day after to watch a movie together. Yes! We saw each other for the first time outside a theatre. We had our first actual conversation only AFTER we saw a movie together. The rest is history (and material for another blog). Its our 5th Anniversary today and the first after Priyansh came into our lives. To Priyansh, I say, “And that, kid.., is how I met your mother.”

Saaaachin…. Sachin!!

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Its end of an era. At the end of his career, entire nation was singing the swan song. I am a Sachin fan , I might not be a die-hard fanatic but I am a big fan. I did not shed a tear like my teammate when Sachin walked down to bat his last innings.  I  did feel  extremely sad when he walked back to pavilion yesterday. The final walk- the emotional expression on all the faces , the huge number of placards with #thankyousachin’ with every fan expressing their gratitude. I felt the camera crew had prepared a special montage for this memorable moment.

I agree that people are going overboard with this occasion. I completely agree that many people are using this occasion as an excuse for their vested interests. I also agree that Sachin does deserve every bit of the adulation that he is getting. Many other Indian legends did deserve a lot more respect than what was given to them towards their end but that doesn’t mean we have to carry on that tradition.

The whole point of this blog was due to a conversation that I had with my FIL. He was sort of angry with the buzz around Sachin’s retirement. During the conversation he mentioned that “Sachin is paid to play for India and he is just doing his job. He is not God and people like Premji is adopting villages for the betterment of the society. He said, if a kid gets educated by Premji’s foundation and this one-act might change the future of the kid entirely! Premji might be responsible for  thousands of bright futures! You will see and forget Sachin’s batting and it doesn’t change anything in your life after the match is over. I agreed with him that Sachin is no God but the context to that saying started with ‘If Cricket is a religion,Then Sachin is God’. I did say that Sachin is involved in philanthropy but he doesn’t like to advertise it much. The donation/sponsor given by him too is supposedly kept anonymous. He obviously might not have given as much as Premji- but it counts.  My FIL retorted, Ajim Premji has spent close to Rs. 8,000 Crores and he is great in true terms. I responded by saying that it’s not fair to compare Sachin with Premji (to whom I have immense respect being an ex-wiprote). Premji might have helped thousands of people financially but Sachin has given priceless memories to Billions. This ended the conversation on that topic.

What Sachin has done for India cannot be put into words, I think he has inspired many generations who have witnessed him play. He was a uniting force for India, no matter the age/religion/caste/creed , ‘How much did Tendulkar score?‘ was a very common question many years back. This impact that he had on people has been beyond any geographical boundary. I still remember the day he scored 200 in ODI and my office cafeteria burst into unified cheer. Today, my eyes were moist while listening to his farewell speech and I didn’t know myself that I liked him enough to cry. If the speech wasn’t enough, he walked alone down to the middle one last time and touched it…one…last…time… I will end this blog with some comments from Cricinfo. When I read this blog after few years, it will help me recall how special this moment was.


Daniel: “im in rural australia, watching this and just screamed with agony at Tendulkars dismissal, its felt here in the dusty plains of Australia.”

Dhwani: “Gosh! This is getting really serious….Looks like it is going to be a sleepless night following Sachin in cricinfo from the US…glued to the screen”

Najam: “Cheering Tendulkar from across the border 🙂 he just made a century in terms of balls played, dint he : ) #Tendu VS Tinu”

Prashant: “Even in Singapore , we had a full page for Sachin in today’s news paper . Just felt proud to be a Sachin Fan and an Indian.”

Balaji: “As Sachin climbed up the stairs, I couldnt help but shedding tears, as I chanted “Sachin.. Sachin..” down here in Chennai. I turned around to see my dad in his sixties, shedding more tears. This guy can freeze time and generations, crash cricketing records, melt a billion hearts, yet stay so humble. God will be proud to be associated with this man”

Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten

Posted in Blogroll on January 11, 2011 by prajwalpai

A fable is a succinct story, in prose or verse, that features animals, mythical creatures, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature which are anthropomorphized (given human qualities), and that illustrates a moral lesson, which may at the end be expressed explicitly in a pithy maxim – Wikipedia

Who doesn’t know the “Slow and steady wins the race” from ‘Hare and the tortoise’ or sour grapes from ‘The Fox and the grapes’! Everybody would know Aesop then. He was apparently a slave in Ancient Greece. Aesop’s existence remains uncertain, and no writings by Aesop survive but he luckily has copyright on innumerable  stories. Aesop’s fables are more of a ‘genre’ than actual fables written by him if he ever existed.  I recently got hooked to Aesop’s fable when I got a iBook by that name. On my journey back from Goa I was immersed in these fables. I realized that its more relevant for adults that for kids. These fables might be one of the easiest way of developing moral values in kids but adults could also relate to the experience they have been through and grasp the depth of these morals.  Each fable which hardly has some 10-20 lines has so much of profound depth. This particular fable hit me hard, I could relate to this due to a recent incident in my life. I could not imagine a simpler and a shorter story which could convey this message.


The Man and the Serpent

A Countryman’s son by accident trod upon a Serpent’s tail, which turned and bit him so that he died. The father in a rage got his axe, and pursuing the Serpent, cut off part of its tail. So the Serpent in revenge began stinging several of the Farmer’s cattle and caused him severe loss. Well, the Farmer thought it best to make it up with the Serpent, and brought food and honey to the mouth of its lair, and said to it: “Let’s forget and forgive; perhaps you were right to punish my son, and take vengeance on my cattle, but surely I was right in trying to revenge him; now that we are both satisfied why should not we be friends again?”
“No, no,” said the Serpent; “take away your gifts; you can never forget the death of your son, nor I the loss of my tail.”
Moral : Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten.


A number of links to read the fables, one of the source which has explicit moral at the end . Enjoy the read and lets keep our morals high.

Home is not a place, It’s a state of mind

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It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Just like any weekend, I hadn’t done anything worthwhile. I was pretending to sleep when the door bell rang. He was right on time, Dad asked if we could go with him. I thought ‘what the hell, Lets Go!!’

Dad has been keen on buying a house for long time now and he was actively looking around. I was keen too but the word ‘active’ wouldn’t be the appropriate association with me. Dad was in talks with few real estate agents and had viewing of many places. I too accompanied him to see few houses but I never felt any house to be ‘THE ONE’. The first step was to decide on the location. Staying in banaswadi since some 6 months now, My parents have taken a liking for Banaswadi , Everything for my parents was close-by and I took less than half hour to office. It was close to MG road area, just couple of KM to Indiranagar area too. So kinda strategically located to most things. So we decided to start our search around Banaswadi/Kasturi Nagar/HBR or HRBR layout and then spread out our hunt.

The next step on our hunt was the never-ending argument was on Independent House V/S Apartment. I was initially pro-apartment but with many issues we were seeing in our current rented apartment , I was leaning towards an Independent house. The resale value and mainly the independence in making decisions pertaining to the house was a favorable thing for the independent house. On the other hand, as we were seeing with our current apartment, The Apartment had more security and the maintenance guy who was very helpful in household chores. With so many arguments we finally just patched up and agreed to make any decision on need basis and to keep an open mind on both things. I started to keep an eye for the ‘For Sale’ hanging outside any buildings in nice locality.

The biggest roadblock with an independent house was the ‘location’ and bloody high price! Dad saw few houses but they were too interior and the neighborhood wasn’t too. The houses in narrow lane with sometimes no proper parking and if everything is well, The houses fly off our budget. With most apartments the problem was it was on some 4th floor or 5th floor. A few were over priced too. Dad saw so many houses without liking them and I went along to few houses that he was interested in. I couldn’t see myself calling any of these places as ‘Home’.

So this Sunday 18th Dec , Our current apartment’s landlord had come for something. While we were in conversation, He happened to mention that he has a couple of more apartment projects under progress. We expressed our interest and he told that afternoon anytime between 3 and 4.30 would be a good time for us to have a viewing. When I agreed, Dad was surprised that I agreed to move out of the couch. I was more active and happy from a couple of days and I had in fact seen a ‘For Sale’ board in front of an apartment building the very previous day.

So its 3! The guy came and took us for a viewing. I had a mixed feeling about the locations, It was almost kinda right next to the Mukunda Talkies fly over. The road was not too narrow but still the neighborhood didn’t make me too happy. The apartment had 2-bhk and 3-bhk but both had almost same carpet area. I liked only the penthouse but it was on the 4th floor and wasn’t comfortable for my parents. So it was again a disappointment. While we were coming back, I just remembered the ‘For Sale’ board I had seen the previous day. I just mentioned it to my Dad and we thought ‘why not!’ . The building looked very good from the outside.  When we got a chance to see it from inside, it felt home. The location was perfect, The house was spacious, The build quality was perfect, Its on Ground floor/ground level, so perfect, It has ample parking space for 2 cars, Has ample space around for walking and had skating rink and play area for kids. Most importantly, I could see myself living in this place. As ppl say, Home is not a place, It’s a state of mind. I loved this place but kinda expected to be way over our budget. When we talked to the builder the next morning, we were pleasantly surprised. I paid booking advance for this house the very next day.

If everything goes well, I will be signing a house sale deed soon. If that happens, A sequel to this blog titled ‘Home sweet Home‘ should be out soon.

Welcome to the Human Network

Posted in Blogroll on February 19, 2010 by prajwalpai
Finally the day comes! I am joining the Human Network. I ‘might’ cherish this day after few years and so I thought it deserves a blog entry. This is more of a private blog for myself.
My first day at Cisco was very fast paced to say the least. I came to office at 9.30 and within minutes of waiting at reception, was summoned by a HR. This was my first day at Cisco and I knew that I would spend each moment of entire day comparing Cisco experience with wipro. Four more ppl were joining that day and we followed HR to a small conf room. I couldnt forget my first day at Wipro as there were more than 200 people joining on that day and we were made to sit in 3 huge classroom kinda thing. That experience was very similar to joining some college. As I went with HR to another room, I saw few more people joining on the same day, It was a conference room and atleast 20 more people were there. I got a smile on my face and it occured that Cisco isnt that different after all. There were representatives from different banks fishing for new customers. I just filled a form to move my exisintg bank account and things were easy. I remember filling some 20page document to open a Citi account when I joined wipro and saw the same form being filled by other people in the room. I spent next  hour filling up some empolyee form and getting a new badge. By noon, all formalities were complete and the HR asked us to meet our hiring managers.
Aby picked me up from the reception and we went straight to the IT room and collected by brand new laptop from a huge storeroom and collected an IP phone too. Aby then took me to show my cube. This was supposed to be my temp cube away from my team as our team was supposed to move to a new building soon. I then went to meet Sesh, I was seeing Sesh after a real long time and He indeed is the best part of joining Cisco. Me,Sesh,Kaleem and Raghya had spent some fun time during our early days in Wipro. We went for induction togeter and were jobless together on bench for couple of weeks in wipro. I was literally meeting Sesh after few years but we picked up where we had left off. He had an empty cube next to his and I immediately shifted there.
Sesh took me for a tour-de-campus, He made it clear that Cisco was deprived of chiks and I shouldnt have my hopes high which I too agreed at the end of that tour :). During lunch I was still comparing the cafe of wipro with Cisco. I met Giri during lunch, an old friend from college. I met Raghu who was together with Seshu and Me in Wipro too. CAme to know that Raghu got engaged he previous day. I came back to my cube and was very happy to be in a private cube with the new laptop and the fancy VOIP. Aby again took me to the IT desk  to get my laptop re-imaged.
It was an exciting day and thanks to Seshu, I didnt feel that I had come into a new company. Its funny how I got to be here with my old friend, Prabhu in my current network got shortlisted to be here, He establised a friendly network with Aby and referred me. Seshu being in my old network put a good word for me. That wasnt the only thing, I did went through all the selection process and joined this Human Network.

End to Applying Thoughts

Posted in Blogroll on February 2, 2010 by prajwalpai

After counting 60 days of my notice period and staying further for 2 extra days, My Last day at Wipro had finally arrived. Subbu had organised a small farewell for Me and Satish at 15.30 and my exit Interview with HR was scheduled at 15:00. I knew it will just be a formality of few mins. The HR person asked me what was the best thing I liked about Wipro,What I think as the ‘one thing’ about wipro which sets it apart from rest of the companies. I went blank for a couple of seconds as I really didn’t have any answer for that. The HR smiled and asked me if given a oppurtunity in future, would I be willing to work for Wipro again. I couldn’t go blank again but I actually had an answer this time. I told I couldn’t generalise wipro as single entity. Wipro for me is the people I have worked with so far and the work that I have been doing here. Wipro as a ornanisation doesn’t offer anything unique which other companies don’t. The thing I liked about Wipro and the thing that made me stay in wipro for close to 6 years are the people I worked with in wipro and the friends I have made here. I told her that my friends in wipro were one of the reason for my long stint at wipro.

I had never imagined how my Last day at wipro would be, I had seen many people getting very emotional on their last days. I never in my wildest imagination visualised myself getting any bit emotional. The farewell was a small affair and the attendees count had decreased by each event. This crowd was as small as it could get i believe. I was very content by the crowd cause Kumar and Satish could make it and I shared my strongest bond with these two people. I did miss few of my close people but I was too happy and almost nothing could upset me that day. It went all nostalgic with everybody talking about me and Satish and naturally they only had good things to say. It was no surprise that the farewell lasted for more than 2 hours and everybody had a smile at the end.

It was a mixed feeling of letting go of something that I had held for more than 5 years. To be honest I was not sad at all for leaving Wipro, On the contrary I was happy to be out of Wipro. The only reason which could make me upset was about leaving my friends but I knew that our friendship was beyond the project or company and so I had no reason to be sad. It my defence mechanism I think, i can ‘imagine’ a faint silver lining most of the times in all dark clouds.

I had seen most people getting emotional when the stories are recounted but I had a grin on my face the entire day. I couldn’t help but smile that I had enough of ‘Applying Thoughts’ and somebody was waiting to tel me, “Welcome to the Human Network” 🙂