High Five!!



The date was 11-11-11 and I was bubbling with optimism. I had decided to be happy in life! I don’t remember how the numbers were exchanged but I had just started chatting with a potential life partner. She was an HR and had done due diligence by going through my blog before this conversation. Little did I know then this conversation would change my life forever. The Ice breaker was the common workplace campus location for us in VTV. We soon came to know that we both were living close to JPNagar 15th cross for many years and yet never crossed each other’s path.

I am writing this blog on my 5th wedding anniversary but I am sure I will be reading this multiple times in my lifetime. It’s an occupational hazard for me to have a backup of every communication I ever had and when I read this below chat few months ago, I decided then to capture into a blog. The below chat between Deepti and me has a major part to play in how our relation rapidly developed and the comfort level that we shared in our initial days together. We were almost strangers before this chat and within a span of an hour, we were strangers no more. It was not just the information exchange but the ease of conversation too I guess.

This is a restore and recreation of one of our first chat reproduced verbatim right down to any typo.

The Grey chat bubbles is Deepti and Green chat bubble is me. Here goes…





A lot changed after this conversation. The comfort level was exponentially high , so much so that the next day we made plans to meet. We met the day after to watch a movie together. Yes! We saw each other for the first time outside a theatre. We had our first actual conversation only AFTER we saw a movie together. The rest is history (and material for another blog). Its our 5th Anniversary today and the first after Priyansh came into our lives. To Priyansh, I say, “And that, kid.., is how I met your mother.”


2 Responses to “High Five!!”

  1. Happy anniversary. 🙂

  2. Too good paipr .. 😀
    My hearty wishes to the pais .. always keep smiling !!.

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